This build is designed to be used on a Necro hero. This hero will be able to sustain 10 minions rather easily while being able to deal damage with death nova and other optional skills. Along with being able to create a wall of undead he will be able to resurrect team mates near instantly in the case one goes down.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> Death Magic=12+1+3 Soul Reaping=10+2 Blood Magic=3+1[Animate Bone Minions][Animate Bone Horror][Death Nova][Optional][Signet of Lost Souls][Blood Ritual][Optional][Unyielding Aura]

Optional Skills

[Masochism] [Putrid Bile] [Rising Bile] [Remove Hex]


  • Armor

Full Radiant, Superior Vigor, Bloodstained Insignia

  • Weapons

40/40 Death Magic Set


Hero will not recast Unyielding Aura often during battle. Some micro-management is needed. Energy is not an issue due to Soul Reaping, making this the perfect hero to use Unyielding Aura on.

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