There are a lot of builds on PvX, so most new ideas have usually been done vetted and are in the one of the build sections (Great, Good, Other, Testing, Trial, Stub, Archived). Many people create builds without checking to see if their build is a dupe or inferior to another build, usually leading to admins having to delete numerous builds, builds that wouldn't have to be deleted if the author had checked to see if their build had already been submitted to the site. Also, said build have no right to immediate deletion on the grounds that the build is a dupe or inferior to previously submitted builds, meaning builds have to be tagged for deletion under author request or under reasons specified above (Dupe/Inferior).


Admins who come across said builds that are a dupe of a previously submitted builds (or inferior) have the choice to either delete the build or move it to the author's userspace. Admins should also leave a note on the authors user talk stating what the build was a dupe/inferior to and where it has been moved to on their userspace.

  • An additional note, all new members whould be urged to check through the site to see if a build they were going to submit it a dupe or inferior to anything else, this will not stop dupe builds being posted on the wiki, but will reduce the number significantly (if users actually read the policies).
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