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== Those individuals who have made a pledge to assist int he Build Stubs Quality Control Program.
== Those individuals who have made a pledge to assist int he Build Stubs Quality Control Program ==
# ''''[[User:Shireen|<font face="arial" color="Green">Shireen</font>]]<small>[[PvXwiki:Administrators|sysop]]</small>''''
# ''''[[User:Shireen|<font face="arial" color="Green">Shireen</font>]]<small>[[PvXwiki:Administrators|sysop]]</small>''''

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Any help improving the articles nominated on this page is greatly appreciated.
See the style and formatting guides for editing help.


The Build Stubs and Quality Control project is a child of PvXwiki:Improvement Drive. It is here to document the site standard in build formatting and presentation, give precedure and examples of how to place cleanup tags and assist in improving the overall quality of every build article on PvX Wiki.

Shortly after the implimentation of PvX:Real Vetting the entire untested build section underwent an quality control sweep to help identify those builds that had been created during the large block of 'stagnant' time that still needed a little (or a lot) of general improvement in the presentation of the information available in those builds. After this point, Presentation Quality, was given a higher degree of necessity in order for a build to be considered for vetting.

This project is not here to define what makes a build good or bad, in the ways of game mechanics, but rather what constitues the standard in build presentation.

The Cleanup Tag

The existance of the Templates {cleanup| Explination} and {Cleanup2| Explination1 | Explination2} is to help identify those builds that do not meet minimun standards in formatting, presentation, and style. You place these tags onto a build in an attempt to assist in improving the build in those areas.

It is not there to mark or distinguish good or bad builds from one another, the vetting sytem is used for that.

In most cases, a Cleanup tag placed on a build IS grounds for that build to be moved out of Testing or Trial status and directly into stubs untill the build is fixed. It is highly encouraged that whomever places such a tag be available to assist the author in cleaning up and improving the build to an appropriate standard.

Examples of Quality Formatting and Presentation

List links to the style guides.

Give verbal explinations of what people want to see: Conciseness, bulleted items, 3rd person, little chatter, visual refrences, propper organization.

  • The PvP Build
  • The Team Build
  • The PvE Build
  • The Guide
  • The Farming Build
  • The ??? Build

Examples of Bad Formatting

Examples of bad formatting, and what to place in the delete tag.

List of pages that do need Cleanups

Those individuals who have made a pledge to assist int he Build Stubs Quality Control Program

  1. 'Shireensysop'
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