This is a proposed vetting policy to replace PvXwiki:Build vetting procedure. It is still open for discussion and improvements.

All Builds

New builds will be posted with the tag {{untested-build|use 1 here|use 2 here|etc.}}. They will be voted on, with equal weight of each vote, regardless of membership or any other factor. The author may not vote on his own build. The two different voting categories are:

  • Favored. This build is useful for it's intended purpose. It works well.
  • Unfavored. This build is disliked. It either fails at whatever it tries to do, or is so unlikely to work that is is unusable.

If a build has 3 or more votes greater than the other way, it is given the appropriate tag

  • For favored votes, {{tested-build}}
  • For unfavored votes, {{untested-build}}
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