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==Current Nominations==
==Current Nominations==
===Existing Articles that Require Improvement===
===Existing Articles that Require Improvement===
*[[User:Krowman/Team - SoMW Spike]] (It needs to be made more mainstream and moved into the archives) - [[Image:Kowal.jpg|15px]] '''[[User:Krowman|<font face="dauphin" color="maroon">Krowman</font>]] <small><nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[PvXwiki:Administrators|sysop]]<nowiki>}}</nowiki></small>''' 21:55, 18 July 2007 (CEST)
*[[User:Wizardboy777/Newbie_Guide]] As per request, and it will also be highly usefull when it's done. <span style="font-family: comic sans ms; font-size: 10pt;"><B>[[User:Phenaxkian|<font color="#4F94CD">~PheNaxKian</font>]]</B></span> ([[User talk:Phenaxkian|<font color="Red">T</font>]]/[[Special:Contributions/Phenaxkian|c]]) [[Image:Phenaxkian_sig_phoenix.jpg|19px]] 18:06, 8 May 2008 (EDT)
*[[Build:Team - Zerg IWAY]]
*[[Guide:GvG Frontline]] Way out of date. [[User talk:PVX-Zyke|Zyke]] 02:59, October 20, 2010 (UTC)
*[[Build:Team - Tainted Heroway]]
*[[Build:Team - Ritspike]]
*[[Build:Team - IV Spike]]
*[[Build:Team - Paraspike]] - [[Image:Kowal.jpg|15px]] '''[[User:Krowman|<font face="dauphin" color="maroon">Krowman</font>]] <small><nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[PvXwiki:Administrators|sysop]]<nowiki>}}</nowiki></small>''' 21:55, 18 July 2007 (CEST) (The above are all me as well.)
===Non-Existent Pages that Require Creation===
===Non-Existant Pages that Require Creation===
*An [[gw:Empathic Removal|Empathic Removal]] Ritualist for GvG. There is one in my [[User:Krowman/Sandbox|sandbox]], ran by [oiNk], if anyone would like some inspiration. - [[Image:Kowal.jpg|15px]] '''[[User:Krowman|<font face="dauphin" color="maroon">Krowman</font>]] <small><nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[PvXwiki:Administrators|sysop]]<nowiki>}}</nowiki></small>''' 20:05, 18 July 2007 (CEST)
*[[Build:Team - Rainbowspike]] - [[Image:Kowal.jpg|15px]] '''[[User:Krowman|<font face="dauphin" color="maroon">Krowman</font>]] <small><nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[PvXwiki:Administrators|sysop]]<nowiki>}}</nowiki></small>''' 21:55, 18 July 2007 (CEST) (The above are all me as well.)
*[[Build:N/W_Order_Runner]] or [[Build:N/E_Order_Runner]] --[[User:Edru_viransu|<font color="Black">'''Edru viransu'''</font>]]//[[User_talk:Edru_viransu|<font color="Red">'''QQ about me'''</font>]] 22:05, 18 July 2007 (CEST)
*[[Build:GvG Tainted Heroway]]. - <b>RAWR!</b> [[User:Skakid9090|<font color="#336666">'''Skakid9090'''</font>]] 21:46, 26 July 2007 (CEST)
===Tasks Requiring Administrative Attention===
===Tasks Requiring Administrative Attention===
*''[[pvxwiki:Build Merging]]'' - Addressment and creation of official policy on how to handle Merges. '''[[User:Shireen|<font face="arial" color="Green">Shireen</font>]]<small>[[PvXwiki:Administrators|sysop]]</small>'''

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Any help improving the articles nominated on this page is greatly appreciated.
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The Improvement Drive is a forum for users to nominate pages that need elaboration, clarification etc. for improvement. It is also the site where users can request the creation of certain in-demand articles. Finally, it is a place where any user can request administrator-specific action, such as the editing of protected pages, or jobs that would be less appropriate for less experienced users.

So You Want to Nominate an Article?Edit

To nominate an article for improvement, simply place a link to it, with reasoning behind its nomination, in the appropriate sub-heading below. Any user can nominate an article for any level of improvement. Feel free to comment on the current nominations, and remember to sign any nominations or comments you may make. If an article has been nominated in a vandalous or disruptive manner, or if it is deemed to be of little significance to the wiki, the nomination will be removed from the lists below.


While there are some tasks that may only be accomplished by administrators, any user is welcome to participate in the improvement drive; this page is not merely a to-do list for the administrative pool. Please note that this is not a medium through which one may recruit other users into doing their work for them. If there are changes that should be made to the way the wiki is run, anyone is capable of drafting and proposing policies themselves. Be proactive; your contributions will be greatly appreciated by the PvX community!

Current NominationsEdit

Existing Articles that Require ImprovementEdit

Non-Existent Pages that Require CreationEdit

Tasks Requiring Administrative AttentionEdit

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