On PvXwiki, Portals are governed by a separate policy. This policy dictates the content of such articles in this Wiki.


Portals are designed to be a separate miniature main page for different content all over the wiki. For example, one portal may deal with just Guild versus Guild and have links to all manner of related GvG content while another may deal with just Player versus Environment things. The overall objective is to give the builds a purpose and the reader a scope of how builds interact with one another.


Portals contain all manner of guides related to their overarching subject material. The guides are general guides that direct a user how to build a meta or common build and basic advice on that particular position.

Guides dealing with Player versus Player content have maps as well discussing tactics for each particular map and some basic features of that map to familiarize a reader with that particular map if they haven't had a chance to fight on it yet.

Current Portals

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