Meta BuildsEdit

If a build is being seen in the current meta (specifically HA/GvG) then it can bypass the vetting system, and be tagged "Meta". This shows that the build in question is being used currently as it is one of the more effective builds in the current meta.

Builds that are not HA/GvG only can only be tagged as "Meta" if it passes vetting with a rating of "Good" or "Great", and are clearly commonly run. Such a build should be easily verified by going to the appropriate location and observing what builds are run.

  • Meta builds only need the meta tag: {{Meta-build|type1|type2|...}}
  • If someone tags a build to be in the meta game which you feel currently isn't, feel free to bring a point up on the Build's discussion page to discuss whether the tag should remain or be removed. Remember to not break 1RV.
  • If someone tags a build that isn't a HA or GvG build with the meta tag and it has less than 5 votes or did not get above a "Trash" rating, you should replace the meta template with the "Untested" or "Trash" template (as appropriate). Avoid breaking 1RV, if you get into a revert war, bring it up on the Admin noticeboard and an available admin will intervene.
  • If a meta build does get 5 or more votes anyway, the parameter |rating=x| (where x is either Good or Great) can be added to also add the build to that vetting category. It will simultaneously occupy both the Meta and Good/Great category.

Meta builds should include an additional section on their respective article page called "Commonality" (and not called anything else, as this section will be linked to). This should give an indication of how commonly run the build is, and link to any alternative builds, as well as reason why it is run more/less than that build. An example of how this section might look is:

*This build is seen about X% as much as an [[Build:Y/Z Build name|Y/Z Build name]], this is because this build:
**Has less healing
**Slower and fewer Increased run speed skills
**Less effective against other builds in the meta.

Policing Meta BuildsEdit

Due to the nature of the meta builds category, some people might use this as a means to bypass the vetting system, as such there will be community appointed "Caretakers" of the category. These people will get final say on whether something is meta, or should be put through the vetting system.

Meta shiftsEdit

Due to the nature of Guild Wars, skills will get changed. This may have an impact on how well something works, and as such shift the meta. If a build that was considered meta suddenly falls out of favour, it should be tagged with:

  • {{Archived-Build|category=Meta|type1=...|type2=...|reason1=...|reason2=...}}
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