Because transcluded signatures are avoidable drains on server resources and require extra processing, they must be used with caution. This policy helps to decide whether a signature is allowed to be used as a template or not.

Only submit your signature if there is no way to shorten it and contains no superflorous coding or links.

RfST process

Before making a request for a signature template, make sure that you have coded the signature as short as possible. A signature with a length that doesn't exceed 240 characters should not be submitted to RfST. Furthermore, the signature must not violate PvX:SIGN.

After making the request, your signature will be discussed on the request's talk page. While other users can share their opinions about the signature, the final decision is in the hand of administrators. You can still change the signature while the request is active, but once it is accepted or rejected you cannot. Also note that the signature's template will be protected so you cannot change it in the future.


Insert the following text in the active requests section below:


Where "Username" is username of the proposed signature's owner. Proceed to click on the red link created by the 1st template, and insert:


Save the page and replace "Your signature" with your signature's code.

Active Requests


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