The Policy

A ban is supposed to mean something, some users once banned attempt to use proxies to take away meaning from their ban and continue to contribute or vandalise the wiki. Sometimes this is done in an obvious manner to gain infamy or attention. In this case any user may revert edits made by a banned user, even those on talk pages. In the case that a reply has been made to a comment from a banned user on a talk page, the comment should be replaced by a note saying that a comment from a banned user has been removed. If a banned user needs to contact someone who uses this wiki, they should make use of another external means of contact, they are no longer able to use the wiki, they have been banned.

When This Should Be Used

Vandalous edits should always be reverted. The main use of this policy is so that normal users can remove and revert contributions obviously made by banned users. Coming back over and over again on proxies will become boring very quickly when nothing you do stays on the wiki anyway. All comments on talk pages from banned users should be removed.

When This Should Not Be Used

If a banned user makes an actually useful contribution (such as correcting the attributes on a build) this does not need to be reverted.

In Short

You are banned, you lost your wiki editing priveledges, go elsewhere until your ban is over, or forever if you are permanently banned. If you need to contact someone, try in game or using email.

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