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D/A Daggers of SilenceD/A Derv BomberD/A Derv SF Runner
D/A Droknar's Forge RunnerD/Any AoB RA DervishD/Any AoG Enchant Damage
D/Any Grenth's ArbitorD/Any Turtle Team StopperD/E Terran Demolition Scythe
D/Me Balthazar UW FarmerD/Me Dwayna FoW FarmerD/Me Dwayna UW Farmer
D/Me Wind Prayers Smite FarmerD/Me Zealous FoW and UW FarmerD/Mo 130hp Dervish Farmer
D/Mo Amber RunnerD/Mo SoJ UW FarmerD/Mo VoS IDS Farmer
D/N Arcane Orders DervishD/N Pious Orders HeroD/N Raptor Farmer
D/N Spinal Tap DervishD/P Zealous SpearD/R Reap Poison
D/Rt Splinter MadnessD/W AoE DervishD/W Conditional Reaper
D/W Critical ScytheD/W High Enchantment DervishD/W Melandru's Victory
D/W Onslaught AxeD/W PvE AoD DervishD/W PvE Onslaught Dervish
D/W PvE VoS DervishD/W PvE Wounding StrikeD/W Vow of Strength Sweeper
D/W WS HeroD/any Avatar of Fury FarmerD/any Balthazar's Chilling Aura
D/any Balthazar FoW FarmerD/any Balthazar UW SoloD/any Condition Whirl
D/any Dervish (Costume Brawl 2007)D/any Dervish (Costume Brawl 2008)D/any Dervish (Costume Brawl 2009)
D/any Dervish (Costume Brawl 2010)D/any Dwayna Totem Axe FarmerD/any Fury of Earth
D/any HM Vaettir FarmerD/any Pious Renewal DervishD/any Plains Farmer
D/any Reapers Sweep KDD/any VoS General PVED/any VoS UW Farmer
D/any Weakening Veil DervishD/any Weakening Veil TankD/any Wounding Strike Dervish
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