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E/A Assassin's Promise NukerE/A Blinding Rocktail FarmerE/A Glimmering Rajazan Farmer
E/A HA ShockwaverE/A SP Fire SpikerE/A Searing Fastfoot Farmer
E/A StarbursterE/Any ShatterSpike of ImmolationE/Me Air Capper
E/Me Feather farmerE/Me Fragile ShockwaveE/Me General Obsidian Flesh Farmer
E/Me Imperial Sanctum RunnerE/Me Master Of Magic FarmerE/Me Obsidian Flesh Beach Farmer
E/Me Obsidian Flesh City FarmerE/Me Obsidian Flesh Vaettir FarmerE/Me PvE SH Elementalist
E/Me Sandstorm UW SoloE/Mo 330hp Elementalist FarmerE/Mo ER Infuse Bonder
E/Mo ER Prot HeroE/Mo Energy Boon ProtE/Mo Mist Form Imperial Farmer
E/Mo Savannah Heat FarmerE/Mo Shockwave Undead FarmerE/Mo SoR Flag Runner
E/N Blinding SurgeE/N Ether Renewal OrdersE/N RA Bsurge
E/P AB Water ElementalistE/P Chest Thumping InvokerE/P FA Sandstorm Warder
E/P HA Mind BlastE/P SF CapperE/P UG Nuker
E/R Dust and Feather FarmerE/R Melandru's Resilience EleE/Rt Ether Prism Healer
E/Rt Searing Flames FlaggerE/Rt Standard Water EleE/Rt Vengeful Earth Farmer
E/W SH Smite FarmerE/W Searing Flames RAE/W Shatterstone Ele
E/any Air SupportE/any Air Support EleE/any ER Fire Spam
E/any Elementalist (Costume Brawl 2007)E/any Elementalist (Costume Brawl 2008)E/any Elementalist (Costume Brawl 2009)
E/any Elementalist (Costume Brawl 2010)E/any HA Searing FlamesE/any Invoke Lighting
E/any Mind Blast ElementalistE/any Mind Blast NukerE/any Perma Energy Fire Spam
E/any PvE Earth WarderE/any PvP SH ElementalistE/any Savannah Support Hero
E/any Searing Flames ElementalistE/any Stoned SpammerE/any Unsteady Elementalist
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