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Me/A Assassin's Promise NukerMe/A Assassin's Promise SpikerMe/A FA Psychic Chaos
Me/A Vaettir HM FarmerMe/A VoR Fastfoot FarmerMe/E Aftershock HM Raptor Farmer
Me/E Kinetic LyssaMe/E PvE Domination MesmerMe/E PvE Visions of Regret Mesmer
Me/E Renewing ChaosMe/E Signet of Illusions FarmerMe/E Wastrel's Panic
Me/Fevered ImmolationMe/Mo Fast Cast RCMe/Mo Hex Eater Vortex Mesmer
Me/Mo JQ Illusion MesmerMe/Mo Painful JudgmentMe/N Fevered Conditions
Me/N IoP Frag SpikerMe/N JQ CounterMe/Rt E-Surge Domination Mesmer
Me/Rt E-Surge Spike MesmerMe/Rt PvE Tease HeroMe/any - PvE AoE Energy Burn
Me/any Arcane LanguorMe/any Ella EnchantedMe/any Fevered Dreams
Me/any HA E-Surge SupportMe/any HA Panic MesmerMe/any JQ VoR Capper
Me/any Keystone MesmerMe/any Keystone NukerMe/any Mesmer (Costume Brawl 2007)
Me/any Mesmer (Costume Brawl 2008)Me/any Mesmer (Costume Brawl 2009)Me/any Mesmer (Costume Brawl 2010)
Me/any Panic HeroMe/any Psychic Distraction MesmerMe/any Psychic Instability
Me/any PvE Illusion MesmerMe/any RA ESurgeMe/any VoR Mesmer
Me/any VoR PunisherMo/A 55hp Vaettir FarmerMo/A AP Boon-Prot
Mo/A Shadow Arts FlaggerMo/A SoJ UW FarmerMo/E Healer's Boon Runner
Mo/E RoJ SupportMo/Me ATFH RunnerMo/Me Auspicious Smite
Mo/Me Barrier Bond MonkMo/Me Boon Prot HeroMo/Me HA LS Monk
Mo/Me HA Restore Condition MonkMo/Me Healer's Boon MonkMo/Me Healer Support
Mo/Me Protection HeroMo/Me RoJ NukerMo/Me Unyielding Aura Healer
Mo/Me WoH IE HAMo/N Inscribed BoonprotMo/N Minister Cho Run Build
Mo/P RoJ Jade QuarryMo/P WoH Jade QuarryMo/P ZB Jade Quarry
Mo/R Melandru's Resilience MonkMo/R Natural Stride MonkMo/W 105hp Halcyon Farmer
Mo/W AB LS BoonMo/W AB WoH FortressMo/W Backbreaker Support
Mo/W Devastating SmiterMo/W Frenzy Heal Sig MonkMo/W General ZB Monk
Mo/W GvG LS MonkMo/W GvG RC MonkMo/W Healing Burst RA Monk
Mo/W PnH Arena MonkMo/W RA WoHMo/W RA chopper
Mo/any 55hp FarmerMo/any 55hp SoA FarmerMo/any AB WoH Monk
Mo/any Air of Enchantment AspenwoodMo/any Boon-ProtMo/any Fort Aspenwood Bonder
Mo/any Generic HealerMo/any Generic ProtMo/any GvG WoH
Mo/any Monk (Costume Brawl 2007)Mo/any Monk (Costume Brawl 2008)Mo/any Monk (Costume Brawl 2009)
Mo/any Monk (Costume Brawl 2010)Mo/any PnH SupportMo/any PvE Smiter
Mo/any RoJ HybridMo/any SB UW FarmerMo/any Spirit Bonder Farmer
Mo/any WoH HybridN/A Contagion BomberN/A Mark of Pain Nuker
N/A Rilohn Refuge FarmerN/A Weaken Knees CurserN/E HA Lingering Curse
N/E Surging GolemN/Me GvG Lingering CurseN/Me Life Support
N/Me Ritualist Construct FarmerN/Me SS NukerN/Mo 55hp Boss Farmer
N/Mo 55hp SS FarmerN/Mo Blood HealerN/Mo Discord Smite Support
N/Mo Empathic NecroN/Mo Minister Cho's Estate FarmerN/Mo Sacrificial Vampire
N/Mo SoLS WoH HybridN/R EoE Minion ExplosionN/R Pet Necro
N/Rt OoB Blood SupportN/Rt SoLS HealerN/Rt SoS Minion Nuker
N/Rt WoD UtilityN/W Manly Raptor FarmerN/any AotL Minion Master
N/any Barbed Discord SpikerN/any Blood Curse HybridN/any Blood Support
N/any Corrupt NecromancerN/any Cultist's NecroN/any Elite Tome Farmer
N/any HA TainterN/any Icy Veins BomberN/any Lingering Curses Necro
N/any Masochism Blood SupportN/any Minion BomberN/any Necromancer (Costume Brawl 2007)
N/any Necromancer (Costume Brawl 2008)N/any Necromancer (Costume Brawl 2009)N/any Necromancer (Costume Brawl 2010)
N/any OoU Minion MasterN/any Orders NecromancerN/any SS Necromancer
N/any SS Support HeroN/any SV Blood NecroN/any Toxic Chill Curses
P/A Dagger SpammerP/Me Fragile IllusionP/Mo Dead Sword HM Farmer
P/W ImbagonP/W Soldier's Fury ParagonP/W Tactics Turret
P/any Command HeroP/any Cruel ParagonP/any Cruel Spear PVE
P/any Cruel Spear ParagonP/any Incoming ABP/any Paragon (Costume Brawl 2007)
P/any Paragon (Costume Brawl 2008)P/any Paragon (Costume Brawl 2009)P/any Paragon (Costume Brawl 2010)
P/any PvE MotigonP/any Soldier's FoW FarmerP/any Soldier's Spear
P/any Utility ParagonR/A Arachni SoloR/A Assault Ranger
R/A Dagger Pet RangerR/A PvE Dagger Ranger
R/A Rajazan Degen FarmerR/A Whirling FarmerR/D Escape Scythe
R/D Harrier's Broad Head ArrowsR/D PvE Pet ScytheR/D PvE Scythe Ranger
R/D Sharpened InsightR/D Wounding Strike SpammerR/E Barrage AoE Burning
R/E Conjure Kindle SpikerR/E Fire Glass ArrowsR/E HA Magebane Shot
R/E HA Melandru's ShotR/E Incendiary Forest FarmerR/E Quick Shot Ranger
R/E Quick Shot SpikerR/E Wailing Forest FarmerR/Me Famine Farmer
R/Me Feral Totem Axe FarmerR/Me Stygian Veil TrapperR/Me UW Trapper
R/Mo Archer's SignetR/Mo Barrage Forest FarmerR/Mo Burning Arrow Ranger
R/Mo Concussion Shot RangerR/Mo CripshotR/Mo Magebane Shot Ranger
R/Mo Melandru's Shot RangerR/Mo Poison Arrow RangerR/N Aspenwood Bomber
R/N Physical Mob ToucherR/N Ranger SSR/N Resilient Touch Farmer
R/N Whirling MoPR/P Condition Spear RangerR/P Enraged Spear Chucker
R/P Pet SpearR/P RaO Spear PressureR/Rt Splinter FoW Forest Farmer
R/W Bunny ThumperR/W ImbaRangeR/W Infuriating Heat Ranger
R/W ManR/W Manliest Raptor FarmerR/W RaO Axe Pressure
R/W Stubborn Ranger Raptor FarmR/any Am Fah MarksmanR/any Barrage JQ
R/any Barrage RangerR/any Enraged Volley HeroR/any Enraging Poison
R/any Escape RunnerR/any Expert's Dexterity RangerR/any Hard Mode Spike Trapper
R/any Incendiary InterruptR/any Jade/Aspen Incendiary RangerR/any PvE Incendiary Arrows Ranger
R/any Ranger (Costume Brawl 2007)R/any Ranger (Costume Brawl 2008)R/any Ranger (Costume Brawl 2009)
R/any Ranger (Costume Brawl 2010)R/any Solo Totem Axe FarmerRt/A AB Support Rit
Rt/A Assassin's Promise SpikerRt/A Destruction NukerRt/A Destructive Was Glaive
Rt/A Fast Regen RunnerRt/A Jaya Bluffs Feather FarmerRt/A Xinrae's Runner
Rt/Any SoS Spiritleech RitualistRt/E Shackles RunnerRt/Me Glaive Bomber
Rt/Me Inspiration HybridRt/Me SoS Forest FarmerRt/Me Vengeful Farmer
Rt/Me Vengeful Raptor HM FarmerRt/Mo 105hp Vengeful FarmerRt/Mo 330hp Vengeful Farmer
Rt/Mo Ancestors' Smite SupportRt/Mo FA Soul TwisterRt/Mo Weapon Support Rit
Rt/Mo WoR Arenas RitualistRt/N Explosive Growth Minion BomberRt/N FA Glaive Utility
Rt/N OoB Support RitualistRt/P Spirit's Strength SpearRt/R Splinter Barrage
Rt/any Battlebox Spirit SpammerRt/any Caretaker's Utility RitRt/any Defensive Spirits
Rt/any Destruction Feather FarmerRt/any DwG RitualistRt/any FA Spirit Restoration
Rt/any Glaive's PriestRt/any HA WoF UtilityRt/any Lord of Restoration
Rt/any Pvp Ritualist HybridRt/any Ritualist (Costume Brawl 2007)Rt/any Ritualist (Costume Brawl 2008)
Rt/any Ritualist (Costume Brawl 2009)Rt/any Ritualist (Costume Brawl 2010)Rt/any SC Weapon Rit
Rt/any SoGM RitRt/any SoS Channeling RitRt/any Spirit Spammer
Rt/any Spiritleech SupportRt / Any Dual Weapon Support
Team:SoO - Balanced HeroTeam - 2 Man DiscordwayTeam - 2 Man MoP Trappers
Team - 2 Man NecrowayTeam - 2 Man Physical Smite SupportTeam - 2 Man Physical Support
Team - 2 Man RacwayTeam - 2 Man SmitewayTeam - 2 Man Spirit Farmer
Team - 2 Man UW TrappersTeam - 2 Monk Rotscale FarmTeam - 4 Man Foundry Farm
Team - 4 Man Ruins of MorahTeam - 55/SS FoWTeam - 6-Man IWAY
Team - 600/2 Smites CoF ScythewayTeam - 600/Smite/QZTeam - 600/Smite Arachni's Haunt
Team - 600/Smite Bloodstone CavesTeam - 600/Smite CoFTeam - 600/Smite HoC Plant Fiber Farm
Team - 600/Smite Ooze PitTeam - 600/Smite Raven's PointTeam - 600/Smite SoO
Team - 600 Rit/Smite CoFTeam - 7 Hero BlindwayTeam - 7 Hero Deep
Team - 7 Hero DiscordwayTeam - 7 Hero FoCwayTeam - 7 Hero Player Support
Team - 7 Hero PvE Dying ResurgenceTeam - 7 Hero RacwayTeam - 7 Hero RoJway
Team - AB BalancedTeam - AB Dual MeldwayTeam - AB Dual Physical
Team - AB Euro BalanceTeam - AB FunwayTeam - AB Mooway
Team - AB NukewayTeam - AB Pressure WayTeam - Balthazar FFF Zaishen Trapper
Team - Blood SpikeTeam - Bloodstone SinwayTeam - Bogroot's SC
Team - Bogroots Manly SpikeTeam - Celestial Weapon Mantid FarmTeam - CoF R/D Triple Bonder
Team - Contagion SpikeTeam - CreaturewayTeam - DMS Discord/Spirit/MesWay
Team - DTSC Kurzick FFFTeam - Darkrime SinwayTeam - Deep Blushway
Team - Deep HerowayTeam - DiscordwayTeam - DoA Ancestorway
Team - DoA Caster SpikeTeam - DoA FragwayTeam - DoA Frostway
Team - DoA GlaivewayTeam - DoA HerowayTeam - DoA Manly Spike
Team - DoA PlatoonTeam - DoA Trapper FarmersTeam - DoA Trenchway

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