This is the Condi-way. This team is based on conditions and on fevered dreams, virulence and fragility. The hardest is to make a good ball with the mob. If so, there are no problem.

Attributes and Skills Edit


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Equipment Edit

All the heroes must have at least 550 HP, as usual, and enough mana, especially the mesmer.

Usage Edit

Vanquish zone, any dunjons and FoW. Save usage as the sabway. Add a player with heroes with a heal party monk, a fire elementalist and a paragon or a ranger for Urgoz in Normal Mode.

Variants Edit

You can change the ranger for a paragon. He must keep a burning skill. You can change the warrior for a sin or a derv. They must keep a cripple skill.

Notes Edit

Try to put the splinter weapon on the ranger as soon as possible (just before the fight). One more, time, the hardest is to make a good ball to have a better fragility and fevered dreams.

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