This is the Condi-way. This team is based on conditions and on fevered dreams, virulence and fragility. The hardest is to make a good ball with the mob. If so, there are no problem.

Attributes and Skills


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All the heroes must have at least 550 HP, as usual, and enough mana, especially the mesmer.


Vanquish zone, any dunjons and FoW. Save usage as the sabway. Add a player with heroes with a heal party monk, a fire elementalist and a paragon or a ranger for Urgoz in Normal Mode.


You can change the ranger for a paragon. He must keep a burning skill. You can change the warrior for a sin or a derv. They must keep a cripple skill.


Try to put the splinter weapon on the ranger as soon as possible (just before the fight). One more, time, the hardest is to make a good ball to have a better fragility and fevered dreams.

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