<pvxbig>Optional [[Optional]</pvxbig>


Displays the hovering description on the skill name preceded by its icon linking to the corresponding article on the official Guild Wars Wiki.

<pvxbig>{{skill pvxicon|<skill name>|<attribute level>}}</pvxbig>


unnamed parameter 1
Skill name.
unnamed parameter 2
Attribute level for the skill. (Can be excluded)


In order to function correctly the template must be used on between <pvxbig> </pvxbig> elements in your wiki page's code (as shown above).

As a side note, you can use multiple calls to this template inside one unique set of "pvxbig" elements (as "shown" below).




  • Flare [[Flare] is produced from {{skill pvxicon|Flare}}
  • &quot;Watch Yourself!&quot; [["Watch Yourself!"@10] is produced from {{skill pvxicon|"Watch Yourself!"|10}}




Type the name of the skill as it appears in the game, thus not forgeting the commas in case of a shout.

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