Can take on any melee mob's throughout the underworld. Nice little farm mesmers can get involved in.

By IGN: Painless Hex

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mesmer/Necromancer Fastcasting=5 Domination=10+1+3 Inspiration=10 Curses=10][Signet of Midnight][Enfeeble][Epidemic][Price of Failure][Empathy][Physical Resistance][Ether Feast][Energy Tap][/build] </pvxbig>

Optionals: Energy Tap - Can be replaced with Spirit of Failure

Enfeeble - There are several weakness Spreading Necromancer Spells.

Empathy - Can be replaced with Clumsiness (Drop Domination for Illusion)




+10 While in stance (x5)

Best Vigor You Can Afford

Health Runes on every other piece


Sword/Spear +5e , +30hp

Shield +30hp , -5/20%

Shield 2 = +???hp While in a stance , -5/20%



Prepare your Physical Resistance

Cast enfeeble then as they engage you and start to self-ball cast epidimic to stop high damage.

When epidimic recharges cast Signet of Midnight and epidimic again.

Keep the first 3 spells in order till foes die.

Cast Empathy then cast Spirit of Failure

Maintain Health with Ether feast, and energy with your 8'th skill slot.

Watch out for dhuum's in the open they can get you down with bone spike. Just make sure to use nearby walls etc to counter that, or at the start use stairs if you can aggro them to stick.


Do as above.

If your interruption in Signet of Midnight gets in the way of your farm. Drop the runes on domination or switch to a +1+3 Headset for Fastcasting when facing graspings.


If the foes dont all have enfeeble

If you dont aggro Dhuum's correctly or fail to use wall blocks on them it may be difficult to prevent there Bone Spike.


When facing Dhuum's Switch to a high health armor set IF POSSIBLE.


This build can take down preferably any melee aggro. It's strengh rely's on weakness being spread accordingly otherwise the damage may be great. For example the Underworld.

When using this build elsewhere, you have to watch out for healers. As this build is meant for non self-healing foes.

By IGN: Painless Hex

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