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Greetings one and all! I thought I should at least spend 10 minutes putting a user page together after registering yesterday. I've been playing GW for a long time now but have remained fairly off-the-grid, yet somehow many people seem to know me around the place. I'm one of those despicable chatty nice people you meet in game that helps complete strangers for no apparent reason. The downside is my friends list has managed to fill itself over the past 16 months :S (would someone please super size my friends list!).

After a brief stint in a random guild, I've been the Guild Mummy (first female officer) in Shadowbanes Hunters [SH] since Fabruary 2006. The guild is awesome, so friendly and very helpful. It's very much like a family and the key members have all played together for a year or more. [SH] has grown quite large now and we're now heading up an Alliance with a few other PvE based guilds. The humor in our guild chat is renowned for being filthy and hilarious...the presence of 4 female officers tends to lead to endless flirting, but by god me and the other girls give as good as we get!! mwuhahaha!!

Anyhoo, my basic game strategy is to needlessly acquire kinky armor, weapons, and other pointless trinkets. I wouldn't care if it had no armor level, cost 2 million gold, had -10 energy per piece and caught fire when so much as a Ruby Djin gave me a hard stare...I'd still buy it if it looked good!! Many of my characters have more than one set of 15k armor...hell my Ele has 6 sets all dyed black!!...stop it...don't look at me like that...well I needed more shoes!!! >.>

That said though, my guild seem to think I have a flare for build writing so I often find myself writing a build for someone now and then. I've never bothered to post builds on Guild Wiki, but I like the sound of the new vetting system so who knows, I may give it a try.

Aeriel Firestorm
with that erm...
Biker-slut look ;)
Aeriel Firestorm


In Game Names
  • Elementalist-icon Aeriel Firestorm
  • Necromancer-icon Aeriel Darkness
  • Ranger-icon Lady Aeriel Kiss
  • Mesmer-icon Aeriel Dominatrix
  • Ritualist-icon Aeriel Mist Walker
  • Monk-icon Aeriel Delight
  • Warrior-icon Iraelia Stryker
  • X/X Aeriel Shadowbane (pvp)
  • X/X Bunny Shadowbane (pvp)
  • X/X Aeriels Panties (mule)
  • X/X Aeriels Storage Slag (mule)

To Do ....canny...stop....gaming!

Personal Sandbox

User:AngelKiss/Sandbox AngelKiss

Thanks to the helpful people at PvX for pointing out how to use one! I've just put some team builds in there for now, which are the most recent ones I've had fun with. Most of my time is spent making builds for myself and friends. I keep them all in my glorious build book (a book covered in Guild Wars stickers filled with hand written builds and other gaming rubbish).
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