Elementalist-icon Archmage Onasi

Elementalist-icon-small Monk-icon-small Air Spiker (PvE) (Target)

Lightning Strike Lightning Orb Chain Lightning Lightning Hammer Blinding Flash Elemental Attunement Air Attunement Resurrect
Monk-icon Basileus Scottorum

Monk-icon-small Mesmer-icon-small Healing (PvE+PvP)

Orison of Healing Dwayna's Kiss Light of Deliverance Healing Touch Healing Breeze Mend Ailment Revealed Hex Rebirth

Monk-icon-smallAssassin-icon-small ZB Healer (PvP) (Target)

Reversal of Fortune Dismiss Condition Zealous Benediction Signet of Devotion Protective Spirit Holy Veil Return Dark Escape
Warrior-icon Chieftain Onasi

Warrior-icon-smallNecromancer-icon-small Sword (PvE)

Quivering Blade Distracting Blow Sever Artery Gash Endure Pain Plague Touch Healing Signet Resurrection Signet

Warrior-icon-smallElementalist-icon-small Obsidian Tank (PvE) (Target)

Stoneflesh Aura Obsidian Flesh Armor of Earth Grasping Earth Glyph of Concentration Wary Stance Dolyak Signet Signet of Stamina
Necromancer-icon Crazed Onasi

Necromancer-icon-smallRitualist-icon-small Minion Master (PvE)

Animate Flesh Golem Animate Bone Minions Blood of the Master Taste of Death Death Nova Soothing Memories Generous Was Tsungrai Flesh of My Flesh
Elementalist-icon Crimson Onasi

Elementalist-icon-smallAssassin-icon-small Star Burster (PvE+PvP)

Death's Charge Star Burst Flame Burst Inferno Meteor Shower Glyph of Sacrifice Fire Attunement Resurrection Signet

Elementalist-icon-smallMesmer-icon-small Echo Nuker (PvE)

Fireball Rodgort's Invocation Meteor Shower Arcane Echo Echo Aura of Restoration Fire Attunement Resurrection Signet

Elementalist-icon-smallMonk-icon-small Renewal Nuker (PvE)

Fireball Rodgort's Invocation Meteor Shower Glyph of Renewal Glyph of Lesser Energy Aura of Restoration Fire Attunement Resurrect

Elementalist-icon-smallMesmer-icon-small Solo (Mist) (PvE)

Mist Form Arcane Echo Meteor Shower Bed of Coals Teinai's Heat Lava Font Channeling Frozen Burst

Elementalist-icon-smallMesmer-icon-small Solo (Sand) (PvE) (Target)

Sandstorm Dragon's Stomp Aftershock Storm Djinn's Haste Ancestor's Visage Stoneflesh Aura Stone Striker Mantra of Earth
Necromancer-icon Cultist Onasi

Necromancer-icon-smallMonk-icon-small Conditioner (PvE)

Tainted Flesh Putrid Explosion Rotting Flesh Deathly Swarm Well of the Profane Draw Conditions Aegis Rebirth
Assassin-icon Deadly Onasi

Assassin-icon-small Combat (PvE)

Jagged Strike Wild Strike Critical Strike Death Blossom Critical Eye Flashing Blades Shadow Refuge Resurrection Signet
Paragon-icon Divine Onasi

Paragon-icon-smallWarrior-icon-small Support (PvE)

Signet of Synergy Mending Refrain Song of Restoration Ballad of Restoration Aria of Zeal "Watch Yourself!" "Shields Up!" Signet of Return

Paragon-icon-smallWarrior-icon-small Combat (PvE)

Spear of Lightning Barbed Spear Cruel Spear Disrupting Throw "Watch Yourself!" "Shields Up!" Leader's Comfort Signet of Return
Warrior-icon Guardian Onasi

Warrior-icon-smallMonk-icon-small Axe (PvE)

Triple Chop Cyclone Axe Disrupting Chop Wild Blow Flail "Watch Yourself!" Healing Signet Resurrect

Warrior-icon-smallMonk-icon-small Running (PvE)

Sprint "Charge!" Balanced Stance Endure Pain Healing Signet Mending Touch Smite Hex Holy Veil
Monk-icon Healer Onasi

Monk-icon-smallMesmer-icon-small Healing (PvE+PvP)

Orison of Healing Dwayna's Kiss Word of Healing Healing Touch Healing Breeze Mend Ailment Inspired Hex Rebirth

Monk-icon-smallWarrior-icon-small Forge Runner (PvE)

Divine Intervention Sprint "Charge!" Balanced Stance Purge Conditions Smite Hex Holy Veil Watchful Spirit

Monk-icon-smallRanger-icon-small Shiverpeaks Runner (PvE)

Serpent's Quickness Spell Breaker Storm Chaser Dodge Purge Conditions Smite Hex Watchful Spirit Blessed Aura

Monk-icon-smallElementalist-icon-small SoR Protection (PvE)

Reversal of Fortune Dismiss Condition Shield of Absorption Glyph of Lesser Energy Shield of Regeneration Aegis Blessed Aura Resurrect

Monk-icon-smallElementalist-icon-small SoR Protection (PvP)

Reversal of Fortune Gift of Health Signet of Devotion Dismiss Condition Glyph of Lesser Energy Shield of Regeneration Shield of Absorption Holy Veil
Dervish-icon Holy Onasi

Dervish-icon-smallMesmer-icon-small Blinder (PvP)

Signet of Midnight Spirit of Failure Epidemic Conviction Veil of Thorns Armor of Sanctity Sand Shards Mystic Regeneration

Dervish-icon-smallMonk-icon-small Combat (PvE)

Eremite's Attack Crippling Sweep Reaper's Sweep Chilling Victory Faithful Intervention Vital Boon Mystic Regeneration Rebirth

Dervish-icon-smallMonk-icon-small Avatar Running (PvE)

Avatar of Balthazar Faithful Intervention Vital Boon Fleeting Stability Pious Restoration Mystic Regeneration Mending Touch Holy Veil

Dervish-icon-small Forge Running (PvE)

Faithful Intervention Watchful Intervention Vow of Silence Featherfoot Grace Harrier's Haste Enchanted Haste Mystic Regeneration Fleeting Stability
Ranger-icon Hunter Onasi

Ranger-icon-smallMonk-icon-small Barrager (PvE)

Barrage Savage Shot Distracting Shot Troll Unguent Whirling Defense Favorable Winds Antidote Signet Rebirth

Ranger-icon-smallMonk-icon-small Barrager + Pet (PvE)

Barrage Savage Shot Distracting Shot Troll Unguent Throw Dirt Charm Animal Comfort Animal Rebirth

Ranger-icon-smallMonk-icon-small General Running (PvE)

Escape Dodge Zojun's Haste Heal Area Restful Breeze Mending Touch Holy Veil Mending

Ranger-icon-smallDervish-icon-small Forge Running (PvE) (Target)

Dodge Zojun's Haste Storm Chaser Pious Restoration Fleeting Stability Vital Boon Mystic Regeneration Vow of Silence

Ranger-icon-smallMonk-icon-small Trapping (PvE)

Quickening Zephyr Barbed Trap Flame Trap Dust Trap Spike Trap Serpent's Quickness Troll Unguent Rebirth

Ranger-icon-smallNecromancer-icon-small Toucher (PvP)

Vampiric Bite Vampiric Touch Offering of Blood Throw Dirt Whirling Defense Dodge Plague Touch Resurrection Signet

Ranger-icon-small Beast Master (PvE)

Enraged Lunge Symbiotic Bond Call of Protection Predatory Bond Call of Haste Troll Unguent Comfort Animal Charm Animal
Ranger-icon Lone Onasi

Ranger-icon-small Barrager (PvE) (Target)

Barrage Savage Shot Distracting Shot Troll Unguent Whirling Defense Favorable Winds Antidote Signet Resurrection Signet
Mesmer-icon Muse Onasi

Mesmer-icon-smallMonk-icon-small Domination (PvE) (Target)

Energy Surge Energy Burn Spiritual Pain Wastrel's Worry Arcane Echo Auspicious Incantation Ether Feast Resurrect
Warrior-icon Nihilus Hemini

Warrior-icon-small Hammer (PvE)

Irresistible Blow Crushing Blow Devastating Hammer Heavy Blow "Watch Yourself!" "For Great Justice!" Healing Signet Endure Pain
Warrior-icon Onasi Of Kamadan

Warrior-icon-smallElementalist-icon-small Hammer (PvE+PvP) (Target)

Counter Blow Bull's Strike Crushing Blow Devastating Hammer Hammer Bash Shock Rush Resurrection Signet
Necromancer-icon Reaper Onasi

Necromancer-icon-small Spoil Victor (PvP)

Life Siphon Spoil Victor Parasitic Bond Shadow Strike Blood of the Aggressor Signet of Lost Souls Blood Renewal Blood Ritual

Necromancer-icon-smallMesmer-icon-small Spiteful Spirit (PvP)

Awaken the Blood Arcane Echo Spiteful Spirit Reckless Haste Enfeebling Blood Price of Failure Blood Ritual Resurrection Signet

Necromancer-icon-smallMonk-icon-small Minion Master (PvE)

Animate Flesh Golem Animate Bone Fiend Blood of the Master Taste of Death Karei's Healing Circle Heal Party Jamei's Gaze Resurrection Chant

Necromancer-icon-smallMonk-icon-small Order of the Vampire (PvE)

Healing Breeze Order of the Vampire Awaken the Blood Barbed Signet Balthazar's Aura Blood Ritual Mending Rebirth

Necromancer-icon-small Blood is Power (PvE)

Blood is Power Blood Renewal Well of Blood Consume Corpse Well of Suffering Blood Ritual Vampiric Gaze Resurrection Signet
Mesmer-icon Ruler Onasi

Mesmer-icon-smallMonk-icon-small Spammer (PvE)

Conjure Phantasm Images of Remorse Spirit of Failure Energy Drain Mantra of Persistence Power Drain Drain Enchantment Resurrection Chant

Mesmer-icon-smallMonk-icon-small Support (PvP) (Target)

Energy Surge Energy Burn Blackout Diversion Shatter Enchantment Drain Enchantment Distortion Resurrection Chant
Ritualist-icon Seer Onasi

Ritualist-icon-small Spirits (PvE)

Boon of Creation Union Bloodsong Shadowsong Wanderlust Pain Painful Bond Doom

Ritualist-icon-smallMesmer-icon-small Solo (PvE)

Arcane Echo Vengeful Was Khanhei Vengeful Weapon Soothing Memories Sympathetic Visage Ancestor's Visage Physical Resistance Generous Was Tsungrai

Ritualist-icon-smallMonk-icon-small Healing (PvP)

Attuned Was Songkai Heal Party Remove Hex Extinguish Soothing Memories Vengeful Weapon Weapon of Warding Resurrection Chant

Ritualist-icon-small Channeler (PvE)

Destruction Gaze from Beyond Spirit Boon Strike Essence Strike Spirit Burn Mend Body and Soul Soul Twisting Flesh of My Flesh
Assassin-icon Shadow Onasi

Assassin-icon-small Combat (PvE)

Palm Strike Twisting Fangs Golden Phoenix Strike Death Blossom Way of Perfection Critical Eye Shadow Refuge Blinding Powder

Assassin-icon-smallDervish-icon-small Forge Runner (PvE)

Fleeting Stability Deadly Paradox Shadow Form Death's Charge Dark Escape Dash Signet of Pious Light Heart of Shadow

Assassin-icon-smallElementalist-icon-small Solo (PvE)

Shadow Form Glyph of Elemental Power Sliver Armor Shock Aftershock Death's Charge Dark Escape Dash
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