Elementalists are the second most used class in the game. They are very purposeful and excel at PVP and PVE.

Phase 1-Skills

An elementalist has 1 skill that is run on most every bar. That skill is GoLE. GoLE provides the energy management an elementalist.

Phase 2-Attributes

Elementalists being so varied only use 2 Attributes. Hybrids rarely work. The attributes are 1 of the elements and Energy Management. The spread is 12-12.

Phase 3-Types

Type 1: Nuker: The nuker is the mostly used elementalist type. A nuker uses fire magic and energy management nothing else. The nukers job is to spread high damage AoE damage in as many places as possible to annihilate the opposing team. Requires strategic placement. Elite of Choice: Savannah Heat.

Type 2: Snare: Snares are the most complex Elementalist type available and one of the most important. Snares jobs are to keep the enemy standing still with Water Magic hexes. A very simple concept. The hardest part is deciding who to snare since most moves have a high recharge. Elite of Choice: Icy Shackles/Water Trident/ Shatterstone

Type 3: Warper: This type essentially uses the elite Ride the Lightning with some high damage moves to bring foes to their knees, literrally. Elite of Choice: Ride the Lightning (duh)

Type 4: Terra Tank: Earth enchantments allow you to stay alive and dish out heavy damage. Best for PvE. Elite of Choice: Obsidian Flesh/Shockwave.


Elementalists are most likely tied for the best at PvP/PvE. Warrior is the other. All in all can be used for most teams.

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