Hello PvX. My first GW character was a ranger. I've used rangers for quite a while now. Here's what I have decided as being the definitive points for a good ranger.

Phase 1-Skills

Essentially Rangers have 2 skills (+RS)that shopuld belong on most Ranger bars, Apply Poison and D-Shot. These 2 skills make rangers a staple for most teams.

Phase 2-Attributes

This phase is fairly simple. You take 1/2 attributes (more generally is bad) and then add expertise with the remainder. Expertise is what makes ranger skills high energy costs drop like a rock. Good spread is 11-11-10

Phase 3-Types

Type 1: The Interrupter: This is probably what rangers should use the most especially for PVP. Basically you slap as many interrupts on this bar and then add apply poison (maybe a stance) and res-sig. Interrupt casters and apply poison for pressure. Very simple and effective. Elite of Choice:Broad Head Arrow

Type 2: Archer: This is the offensive part of a ranger. The only 2 atts you should have are Expertise and Marksmanship (Wilderness Survival is only with leftovers). The archer is best at applying conditions for pressure. Elite of Choice:Burning Arrow

Type 3: Runner: Rangers are one of the only four classes that excel at running. You should have NO Marksmanship. Elite of Choice:Escape


Follow these and you should probably be a successful ranger

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