Skill details
User:Armond/Sysop Slam|Sysop Slam
Hammer Bash
Campaign: Main Page|PvXwiki


Profession: PvXwiki:Administrators|Admin
Attribute: Sysop Mastery
Type: Attack
    3 Adrenaline        

Target candidate for deletion is destroyed. If that article was a user page, that user takes 150...270 damage and is banned for an infinite duration. If that page was in the build namespace, anyone who has ever used that build takes 100...180 damage.

Sysop Mastery 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19


150160170180190200210220230240250260 270280290300310320330340


100107113120127133140147153160167173 180187193200207213220227


Signet of Capture


  • Although this skill is not an elite, it is not possible to obtain it without killing the boss that has it. Admin Tomes will not allow you to learn this skill, even if you have it unlocked, and no skill trainer is known to teach it.
  • Attempts to use a Signet of Capture to capture this skill appear to have a 25% chance to fail - consuming the signet without teaching the skill. Additionally, Armond the Ruthless will occasionally resurrect after this skill has been captured, permanently disabling the skill. It will remain disabled even if a character leaves the map, but will recharge the next time you defeat Armond the Ruthless.
  • Armond the Ruthless has been observed to use this skill before attacking or taking damage, and even while under the effects of Soothing Images or Sympathetic or Ancestor's Visage. It is not known how he does this.
  • Armond the Ruthless does not have a fixed location. If you encounter him, you should try to capture this skill - if you survive his initial onslaught. Be warned, however, that he has at least 20 Sysop Mastery at any given point in time.
  • Should any build be posted with eight optional slots and no attributes or professions, Armond the Ruthless could conceivably deal incredible damage to over one million players worldwide.
  • Testing shows that user pages can be hit even if they are not candidates for deletion.
  • Using this skill deducts three adrenaline from your adrenaline pool, but does not empty this skill's adrenaline pool.
  • The effects of this skill appear to ignore all forms of defense (armor, damage nullification, Protective Spirit, etc.), but only when used by Armond the Ruthless.
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