Lau's Hall of Shame: Deep Edition

Player Name: Arzix Runeblade
Attempted Build: Shadowmeld or Recall tank
[build prof=W/A str=3 axe=12 tac=12][Shadow Form][Black Lotus Strike][Shroud of Distress][Distracting Blow][Dolyak Signet][Swap][Frenzy][Resurrection Signet][/build]

Player Name: Bukari Banzai
Attempted Build: Shadow Meld or Recall tank
Note: Light of Deldrimor ftw [build prof=W/A str=12 tac=12][Gladiator's Defense][Dolyak Signet][Defensive Stance][Dwarven Stability][Light of Deldrimor]["You Move Like a Dwarf!"][Signet of Stamina][Recall][/build]

Player Name: Dracular Le Diable
Attempted Build: BiP Necromancer
[build prof=N/Me ill=3 blo=12 sou=12][Blood is Power][Well of Blood][Masochism][Suffering][Dark Pact][Life Siphon][Sympathetic Visage][Sunspear Rebirth Signet][/build]

Player Name: Eric Von Rachst
Attempted Build: Shadow Meld or Recall tank
[build prof=W/Mo hea=7 str=9 axe=10 tac=9][Cyclone Axe][Power Attack][Dismember][Executioner's Strike][Bonetti's Defense][Endure Pain][Sprint][Healing Breeze][/build]

Player Name: Jonathan Dudee
Attempted Build: Ele Nuker
[build prof=E/Me ins=12 fir=10 ene=8][Lyssa's Aura][Ether Feast][Fireball][Immolate][Fire Storm][Glyph of Lesser Energy][Fire Attunement][Resurrection Signet][/build]

Player Name: Kensai Jotoya
Attempted Build: Shadow Meld or Recall Tank
[build prof=W/Mo hea=9 str=11 swo=8 tac=3][Sever Artery][Gash][Final Thrust][Dragon Slash][Power Attack]["For Great Justice!"][Healing Breeze][Resurrect][/build]

Player Name: Mike Tryson
Attempted Build: Shadow Meld or Recall tank
[build prof=W/E air=6 str=11 axe=12 tac=2][Frenzy][Wild Blow][Ear Bite]["On Your Knees!"][Skull Crack][Thrill of Victory][Optional][Optional][/build]

Player Name: Nekros Master Zwei
Attempted Build: SS Necromancer
[build prof=N/Me ill=8 ins=8 sou=7 cur=12][Energy Tap][Ancestor's Visage][Power Spike][Empathy][Faintheartedness][Arcane Echo][Spiteful Spirit][Well of Silence][/build]

Player Name: anon
Attempted Build: Deep Monk
[build prof=Mo/E fir=12 hea=8 pro=7 div=3][Protective Spirit][Healing Breeze][Breath of Fire][Fire Storm][Teinai's Heat][Meteor][Heal Party][Resurrect][/build]

Player Name: Ralyx Vun
Attempted Build: Nuker
[build prof=E/R fir=12 ene=9 bea=9][Charm Animal][Double Dragon][Fireball][Fire Storm][Breath of Fire][Teinai's Heat][Fire Attunement][Aura of Restoration][/build]

Player Name: Seras Die Eisfrau
Attempted Build: Nuker
[build prof=E/Mo fir=12 ene=12 hea=3][Fire Attunement][Mark of Rodgort][Immolate][Rodgort's Invocation][Breath of Fire][Teinai's Heat][Meteor Shower][Word of Healing][/build]

Player Name: The Element Lowder
Attempted Build: Nuker
Notes: Why is Double Dragon so popular? [build prof=E/R fir=12 ene=12 bea=3][Double Dragon][Meteor Shower][Fire Storm][Fireball][Immolate][Smoldering Embers][Aura of Restoration][Resurrection Signet][/build]

Player Name: Valar Lorien
Attempted Build: CoP Spiker
[build prof=Me/E fas=12 ill=12 ins=3][Clumsiness][Wandering Eye][Auspicious Incantation][Signet of Illusions][Meteor Shower][Fire Storm][Stoneflesh Aura][Backfire][/build]

Player Name: I Zeerax I
Attempted Build: Tank
[build prof=W/E fir=8 str=10 swo=12][Flail][Sever Artery][Gash]["Save Yourselves!" (Luxon)][Dragon Slash][Brawling Headbutt][Conjure Flame]["For Great Justice!"][/build]

Player Name: Jean le Sage
Attempted Build: Tank
[build prof=W/A str=12 swo=3 tac=12][Wastrel's Collapse][Recall][Dolyak Signet][Shadow Sanctuary (Luxon)][Defensive Stance][Shield Stance][Deadly Riposte][Riposte][/build]

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