1. Is the build you're about to submit in or close to the meta or using recently buffed skills?

Yes. Go to question 2.
No. Go to question 4.

2. Is there a build already on PvX similar to your build (4 or 5 common skills or similar concept)?

Yes. Go to question 3.
No. Submit your build which will be judged by the community. Congratulations, you may have been the first person to post the new meta. However, about 60% of the builds which fall under this catagory will end up getting trashed, a further 20% are merged with other builds due to poor judgement over whether the build is unique enough to have its own buildspace.

3. Does the usage of your build vary significantly from the build already posted?

Yes. Submit the build, making a clear distinction of why it is difference from the other, similar build. A good example of this is the series of 600/smite dungeon running builds, many of the actual builds are similar but the usage varies significantly. A strict naming policy and detailed usage and/or walkthough of the area distinguishes each build.
No. Do not submit your build, instead bring up relevent issues and post your version on the talk page of the build which is similar to yours. From there, other users will decide whether your build is more effective than the current one and change the build accordingly. If this wasn't your desired outcome, you are still free to post the build in your userspace.

4. Has it achieved something special (fast time in an Elite area, ability to run or solo something quickly)?

Yes. Submit your build, including relevent proof of its effectiveness (screenshot, video). Also make sure the usage section explains to others how this build should be used. This catagory includes many dungeon and elite area builds, it is more difficult to prove the effectiveness of Hero and General builds.
No. Go to question 5.

5. What the build for?

General PvE or Heroes. Submit your build, if you dare. There is often a reason why some builds are not already on PvX. About 95% of builds which fall under this catagory are trashed by the loving PvX community.
Elite areas or dungeons. Do not submit your build. Noone wants to run a poorly performing build. If this wasn't your desired outcome, you are still free to post the build in your userspace.
Other. Do whatever you want, the majority of people do not care about anything which lies in this category.

This flowchart gives a generalisation of the process you should mentally go through when submitting a build to the PvE section.

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