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About me

They call me Fu because most of my names have Fu in them.

Thats Fu to u.

Account titles

1 has Zeus God to the Gods (7) 35 maxed titles
1 has I Have Many Leather-Bound Books (4) 20 maxed
1 has I'm very Important (3)
6 have People know me (2)
5 have Kind of a Big Deal (1)

11,609 + hours over 48 months this is actual play time I don't leave game sitting idle.

169 Million xp across all characters

Contact me in game and maybe I can help you.

Thank you for the offers, but I am not accepting any guild invites. I've been in The Lotr , Tog,Cat and nDow

Builds Made

Build:Team - Luxon Jade Arena HFFF

Mesmer Sf deny enchants


Deadsword Vengeful Channeler

Vengeful Farmer

Queen killer

Caretaker slapper

My Website

LOTR Lord of the Run

HFFF runner and builds. here. Completed both Luxon and Kurzick doing HFFF.


Fu Productions presents

Luxon Running 2 account on 1 Pc doing the Build:Team - Luxon Jade Arena HFFF run.12

Luxon Single account doing the Build:Team - Luxon Jade Arena HFFF run. 1

Kurzick 51 sec run. 1

Deadsword Vengeful Channeler 1

Vengeful Farmer new ai part1

Vengeful Farmer new ai part2

Guildwars Rit Queen Killer

I have decided to stop making movies because the locations always get over used and nerfed to the point of not being productive. The only place I notify is in the ally chat.

Fu Mez

Zeus God to the Gods (7)
35 Maxed titles
Mesmer Elite Canthan armor f white


What movie is this from?


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