In Game Name


  • Warrior-icon-smallWarrior Babes


  • Monk-icon-smallHealing Babes
  • Assassin-icon-smallBabes Goes Solo
  • Necromancer-icon-smallNecrid Babes
  • Elementalist-icon-smallBabes On Fire
  • Ritualist-icon-smallRitual Of Babes
  • Mesmer-icon-smallMesmi Babes
  • Paragon-icon-smallYellow Babes
  • Dervish-icon-smallBabes On A Stick
  • 2 open PvP slots.

Abit about myself

I'm 18years old, live in Belgium and i play GW for 45 months now. I'm mostly a PvE player and spent my time doing Speedclears. Or sitting in GH.. well, stand rly

Guild: Hiding From Shitters [Shh]


I only do teambuilds, solo builds are boring. :>
User:Babes1/Build Team - SoO (A/D) Sinway
User:Babes1/Build Team - Kathandrax Manly
User:Babes1/Build Team - Frostmaw's RoJway
User:Babes1/Build Team - Deep
User:Babes1/Build Team - Bogroot Manly

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