Y herro dar. I'm ron, I'm r12 Kurz, r6 luxon atm, so lots of JQ and FA and possibly MQSC are generally what I'm up to.

I am somewhat fail at pvp, but due to JQ being JQ, and FA being filled with totally awful pvpers, I do alright. I'm sort of trying to get into HA, but my efforts will be pretty limited.

Usually up for AB/JQ/FA sync on luxon side, just drop me a PM in game

IGN: Mender of bad soles


Build: Any/P Raven Blessing Stygian Farmer

Build: Rt/N FA Glaive Utility

Build: N/R EoE Minion explosion

Funny things from my wiki page on the big wiki

[What the wiki tags really mean. Or what they should.]

[If you don't see why this is totally insane, hit edit.]

[God this was a good opposite day]

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