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Me in general

I'm a nerd. True and straight to the point. I love video games, anime, and the musics of such. I quote them very often in my life. In a past life, I was a writer. I'm odd and yet, I'm friendly. If I'm not at work, I'm in front of my computer. I like meeting new people, and I also like talking to others. If you see me on your talk page too often, oh well. Mines dead. So GG.

I'm currently obsessing over Paper Mario, Metroid Prime (again), FFVII Music, getting glad 3 and a bambi RESIDENT EVIL 5, and getting my life in order. I have MSN.

  • - I was using MSN when most people on here didn't even know what the intarwebs were. Feel free to add me, if you want, but make sure to tell me who you are.

$ Dee is awesome, X defines how awesome he is. If Y is -sleep, What does -sleep mean? Show your work. $


Monk-icon Smakaveli Lewcifer


250px Arguably the worst named monk ever.

He hates his name and he makes it well known. He is rarely seen healing others, instead opting to smite for Cathedral of Flame runs with friends. When he does decide to heal, it's only in RA or Fort Aspenwood. There he can openly mock baed players and vent the frustration of his terribad name on them.

Assassin-icon Stryke and Stryke Two Dethlok


250px Two assassins, one family. One specializes in rolling PvE, while the latter spends his days in AB, picking off weak monks. While Stryke is methodical and planning, Stryke Two prefers to quickly gut a target and laugh at the resulting carnage. They don't get along well, hence them playing completely different from one another. It's even worse that Stryke Two is the younger of the two.<text allign="left">

Ranger-icon Wilde Deth


250px Wilde is a, well wild one. His chiseled good looks, combined with brave and powerful bow spikes using his favorite elite, Glass Arrows, makes him into an easily approachable ladies man. However, he has one fear. Being that ranger with [x] weapon from [x] profession in his hands. Outside of that, he wins. He's a JQ favorite. Melandru's Shot + stupid kiters = massive lul.

Paragon-icon Captain Dethlok


250px Imbagonnnnnnnnnnnnn. Loud and commanding, she demands her presence be noted. She always seems to be in a bad mood. Probably from only being used for imbagon duties, as she's well equipped to PvP. Her favorite elite is Cruel Spear, but she's always being forced into using Focused Anger. She's hoping to prove one day that shes more than just a loud mouth behind a pretty face.

Elementalist-icon Prince Dethlok


250px The nuker. Mainly used for nuking in AB/CM or crying/nuking in PvE farms. He has elite Flameforged now, but I CBA to upload new pictures.

Dervish-icon Sir Dethlok


250px He's the main character on the account. He was made shortly after purchasing Nightfall and Factions. Cloaks and scythes make him feel badass, so he had to work hard to be the main. He only uses green scythes, unlike everyone else who has their weapons created. Less work for him. He IS a conjurefag, and he WILL use Avatar of Lyssa with daggers if need-be. He only does this because he rolls PvE and PvP with little more effort than raising his cloak to step over the corpse of the last person to cross him. He also says 'ym' a lot.

Warrior-icon King Dethlok


250px The second main. He loves hitting stuff, lemme tell ya. His favorite two elites are Earth Shaker and Eviscerate. As he's a meta-whore, whenever it comes up, he HAS to have the build. Swords still suck. He also thinks Power Attack is imba.

Endless Hysteria/Dee Strongfist


I usually name my PvP characters Endless Hysteria or Dee Strongfist. If you see me in-game, PM me or something. I need to redo my FL. =)

I do believe this helps. My current guild is The Butter Battlers [BB] Offensive Guild Name [ban]. We're Kurzick Luxon.
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Warrior-icon This user is a Warrior by nature.
Dervish-icon This user is a Dervish by nature.
Assassin-icon This user is an Assassin by nature.
North America 70x40 This user plays for the territory of North America.

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Listen to stuff I post there, cause I win.

The true standout here is my favorite: Fading Entity. Give it a listen.

Beggin by Frankie Valli which is another awesome song.

The Pillows - Ride On Shooting Star cause Japanese music is amazing.

Outside of Guild Wars, I'm either working, or playing some other type of video game. I'm 21 22, and a father to a one year old child. He wins like his dad.

The Protomen - Vengeance

Best. Song. Ever. Living Inside the Shell by Steve Conte/Shanti Snyder from Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. 2nd GiG.


Steve Conte/Shanti Snyder - Living Inside the Shell

Roaming inbetween the worlds of sleep and awake
Seems so far away from where I've been and untrue but unafraid
Intrusting -- my soul -- I know I must be taken to see the world that is
Not so far from now

Imaginations come and sweep the shores of my mind
Letting it be, visions pass, and emotions arise--
Letting them go, and beyond are doors I've never seen, opening one by one

(Wake up and show the light, wake up the time is right)
I hear a voice, hear a voice calling out to me
Look inside, see the light now ever holding you
All the truth is all you need to make of your reality, its right here
Look deep within your shell

Finding out a galaxy of planets and stars within me
Listening to each of them singing the same silent melody
I've never seen such beauty in possibility -- no speck of doubt or fear

(Wake up and show the light, wake up the time is right)
I hear a voice, hear a voice calling out to me
I see inside, see the light now ever holding me
All the truth, all I need to make of this reality it's -- beauty within the shell

(Wake up and show the light, wake up the time is right)
I hear a voice, hear a voice calling out to me
I see inside, see the light now ever holding me
All the truth, all I need to make of this reality, it's inside
Right here within this shell

The sandglass starts for another time's beginning from within
Cotton fields, mama's arms are gently unfolding me into the new...

(Wake up and show the light, wake up the time is right)
Here from behind my sight, my thoughts my mind
Show from the light
The time is right
And from the depth within show the balance
Of outer and inner harmony
Mind and heart, soul and spirit undivided
Here's where the true strength and beauty lies
We'll see this before us with our own eyes
We'll see, with our own eyes... LOVE

(Wake up and show the light, wake up the time is right)
I hear a voice, hear a voice calling out to me
I see inside, see the light now ever holding me
All the truth, all I need to make of this reality it's -- beauty within the shell

Godbox's Random TB Creation of the Whenever I Make A New Build
Dismember Power Attack Protector&#039;s Strike Apply Poison Scavenger&#039;s Focus Frenzy Natural Stride Resurrection Signet
Gale Crushing Blow Hammer Bash Glyph of Energy Bull&#039;s Strike Flail Enraging Charge Resurrection Signet
Keen Arrow Savage Shot Distracting Shot Oath Shot Read the Wind Favorable Winds Quickening Zephyr Flesh of My Flesh
Keen Arrow Savage Shot Distracting Shot &quot;Go for the Eyes!&quot; Scavenger&#039;s Focus Barbed Arrows Lightning Reflexes Resurrection Signet
Barbs Order of the Vampire Defile Defenses Rip Enchantment &quot;Fall Back!&quot; &quot;Make Haste!&quot; Song of Concentration Resurrection Signet
Channeled Strike Resilient Weapon Weapon of Warding Pure Was Li Ming Life Martyr Aura of Stability Death Pact Signet
Power Drain Patient Spirit Dwayna&#039;s Kiss Cure Hex Infuse Health Contemplation of Purity Mantra of Recall Divine Boon
Power Drain Reversal of Fortune Spirit Bond Shield of Absorption Guardian Contemplation of Purity Mantra of Recall Divine Boon

What's up with that ugly space between the skillbars? D: Scavenger's Focus with QZ allows for constant maintaining, and it's not a stance! Free attackspamming. Use half-recharge Mantra of Recharge to be able to run boonmonks. Very strong spike. CLICK! Cute McMonkey


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