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Empathic Antichrist

Lost and exploited a boy must seek, a treasure forever he shall keep.

A bright shining jewel that is held in his heart, describing it alone can be called an art.

Void and indifferent in what he holds, he picks up his scythe and his spirit does fold.

He dulls the diamond with the reaper's work, as he walks down the path he reaches a fork.

A choice he must make will decide for us all, who will survive and who will fall.

Innocents die for this little boy's pain, He has nothing to lose and all to gain.

This little boy is fancied a god, but in the mirror he sees a dead dog.

With rotting flesh and a rotting heart, killing is his only art.

He slaughters millions with only words, his voice is an army that carries no swords.

Falling and falling his treasure does shine. within the mirror he sees a blue eye.

The blue turns to red and the red into black, this little boy can find no way back.

Though spirit is mended his conscience is not, Today is the day he shakes off his rot.

Though a dog forever he shall remain, death will no longer be known as his name.

He feels in his heart and he finds the right spot, he pulls out the gem that will end this dark plot.

He prays to himself not for heaven or hell, but prays that forever he will leave this shell.

He knows what's been done hes seen it before, a grenade through his window just rolls on the floor.

They come through the chimney they come through the floor, they're in through his windows and opening doors.

He realizes now that it's his last stand, he reaches down with only one hand.

Up comes his scythe both towering and swift, with death's final call he opens a rift.

The living all laugh as their souls fade away, they will not dream of another day.

They see their end and take it head-on, lost in the void of oblivion.

The boy knows his duty, his life is his own. He knows not an ounce of love has been shown.

In the end he knows he will die, lost in his thoughts the boys final cry:

"Lost and exploited a boy must fight, even when he knows nothings right.

with rotting flesh and a rotting heart, killing can no longer be called my art.

Though lost no longer in eternal grief, I believe that now is my time to leave.

More and more I see what I've become, their innocent screams are now only a drone,

Lost and exploited I've always believed, is the only way people see me.

Now I know my biggest mistake, This eternal god is known a fake.

I fall forever and see in your souls, killing this god is your only goal.

My life is my own, My scythe hand skilled. But never would I believe I've been killed.

I say these words while I must cry, now I know why I must die.

Lost and forgotten a long time ago, I've become the thing I used to loathe.

Remember these words as not evil but true, For I will be gone far before you.

These words a reminder an eternal grave, In hopes that this world has finally been saved.

I swear to you I tell no lie, now my children I say goodbye."

He needs no comfort, he picks up his scythe, and with one final word he ends his own life...

               Composed by Rask

IMO Poetry is retarded but this is an exception.

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I wanna put some cOOl stuff here so people give me stuff (My stuff was officially declared uncool).

Hooray for cheese This user loves Igor and Cheese!(and loved Igor's unique trolling.)
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  • Defiant Elements
  • People who invite you to your house and eat in front of you without offering to share(THATS RUDE >=O)
  • Simon at the end of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ( He looks like a emo george clooney D:!??!?!)
  • People who don't like mai friends
  • People who make fun of [Emo]
  • People who eat babies
  • Animals that eat babies
  • Frank sonatra (Big nose imo)
  • Franky Munez
  • PvX Policies cuz they confuze me
  • Legato in Trigun
  • Long lists of people you like
  • Short lists of people you hate
  • Dinosaurs (Cuz they r moar big than me)
  • Mutilated kittens
  • Tofu(The Fable kind)
  • Being called Chicken Chaser(My title is Reaper D=<)
  • FinalFantasy that doesn't have the number 2 or 10 in it
  • Wii (Cuz I don't have one QQ)
  • Luigi in supersmash
  • People who say Jigglypuff sucks(She puffs you)
  • People who like people who eat babies
  • Andy Dick(Like you didn't see it coming Andy)
  • Broken Cabal Bots
  • People who bot on GW (thats just lame)
  • People who think R10 Ursan makes them super leet (I can do the same thing with r7 most do with 10)
  • People Felix and or other guildmates don't get along with.
  • People who laughed at Igor's permaban (YOU WILL ALL PAY)
  • People with fake boobs
  • People who make fake boobs
  • People who refuse to touch fake boobs(They're still boobs D=<)
  • Gay people who flirt with people they know aren't gay
  • Straight people that hate gay people for no apparent reaosn("cuz they're gay" is not a valid reason)
  • People who assume I'm gay for saying that
  • People who play WoW and think its cool
  • People who like my mom
  • People who don't like me
  • People that don't like super metroid (Retro is win)
  • People that don't have a snes Emulator on their computer (UPLOAD ONE GOGOGOGOOGOGOGO so we can be frands ;)!! )
  • Stanzas (Including George Costanza from Sienfield I do like jerry though :D)
  • People who hate cosmo
  • People who like louise
  • People who think soap operas are cool(They're just funny to watch, NOT COOL)
  • People who stopped reading this a long ways back (Care more about my Dislikes >:O)
  • People who don't like uncyclopedia
  • Me when I yell at people D:
  • Fat people that don't accept themselves( If they don't why should I <_<)
  • Skinny people who think they're fat
  • The person making me go to sleep right now (My conscience sucks Hardcore)
  • Frvwfr2 because he is crazy and has anger as in ANGST and GRRRR issues srs bsns imo He is good now!!!!!!!!!!!

Image Signet of Malice Rask of Shadows.

I hate Horses

  • Physical proof I hate horses. They are bad people. They DO deserve death.

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This is a great way to fix your lag for xp users that I pulled off some forum. So just follow the directions.

  • Click the Start menu and go to Run...!
  • Type in regedit and click run!
  • Double click HKEY_Users!
  • Double click System!
  • Double click CurrentControlSet!
  • Double click Services!
  • Double click Tcpip!
  • Double click Parameters!
  • Double click Interfaces!
  • Now on the right side right click and make a new Dword files!
  • Now name that file TcpAckFrequency!
  • Now right click it and click Modify!
  • Now set the value to 1!
  • Now click Ok!
  • Now play with less lagz!!!!! rąʂKƴɖooƿɭɘşMgrinshpon bluebunny

How to not be noob in ab

  • Press enter battle.
  • Run in circles to other circles killing the opposite colored circles in your compass so you can cap the big circles.
  • You are now pro ABer yayayayayaya.

Epic Quote

Rask's Epic Quote of the Week.

Armor has nothing to do with it. In PvE enemies don't kite or have major defensive skills (How often do you see prot spirit in pve eh?). If a chain won't work on a bladed termite on plains in hm it won't work in pvp nuff said. Btw I am Rask and I reserve the right to compare applesauce to cottage cheese if I so see fit. ~ Rask

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