Abuses the happy red and blue bar capabilities of aura of resto, fire attunement, and most importantly, Mind Blast to have high energy to spam expensive fire nuking skills for support, not major damage as well as providing great party support in various ways, spamming of course, like heals, prots, wep spells, chants, shouts, orders, etc. PLEASE READ THE BUILD BEFORE SAYING THIS SUCKS DUE TO ONLY 3 SKILLS. This in theory does NOT have only 3 skills, it has 8 skills, but there are so many options because of multiple secondaries begin available for choice and preference, it would be ridiculous to make 5 different builds when they can be all variants of one. This lets the user pick his own supportive skills, based on the situation and preference. This uses MB in order to mainly spam supportive skills to give your group the upper hand, and not to omfgwtfpwn spam nuking skills to blast your enemy to pieces. those are totally different types of builds, that are nuking, offensive characters, while this is support, which focuses on a totally different role than nuking, big damages, or healing or proting. it is support. i hope i drilled the main idea into your puny little minds.

This also has arguable better energy management then a Necro's soul reaping+SoLS, see discussion for details.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Elementalist/Any FireMagic=12+1+1 EnergyStorage=9+1][Mind Blast][Optional][Fire Attunement][Aura of Restoration][Optional][Optional][Optional][Optional][/build] </pvxbig>

Optional Slots

  • Slot 2: any fire skill u feel appropriate, example, Immolate or Rodgorts Invocation
  • Slots 5-7: these slots are saved for your support skills, which are listed below. Add rest of your points into your corresponding support attribute, which should be at 9.
  • Slot 8: Any Hard Rez preferred, necro or derv take rez sig. or forget rez and take another nuke/support skill

Here is an example bar to show how to fill in the optionals:

Mind Blast Immolate Fire Attunement Aura of Restoration Reversal of Fortune Convert Hexes Guardian Rebirth


  • Healing Prayers line - various healing skills, these can be spammed accordingly because this build has better energy management then Soul reaping+SoLS, as this can do normal mobs and shines in boss situations, where as this relies on casting a quick spell on the monster rather than the monster dying, which can be painful energy management on a boss if you are trying to use soul reaping on a necro primary.
  • Prot Prayers line - with various prots to help your party on the defensive side. give the healer a break.
  • Smitng prayers line - use multiple skills from here to buff your allies offensively.
  • bonding - this has the capability of holding bonds up, multiple bonds, to help a team defensively or offensively
  • Other - you can also devote yourself to make sure there are no conditions or hexes on the party, if wanted.


  • Blood Magic Arsenal - Orders and other hexes to help your melee or Blood bond if wished, to help defensively.


  • Channeling - Use Weapon spells or spirits to aid offensively
  • Communing - Use weapon spells, spells, or spirits to help offensively and/or defensively
  • Restoration - Help your allies by healing, protecting, and counter pressuring all in 1 line. spirits here are best if other support is not needed.


  • Command - use your energy here to aid your allies with those expensive shouts, ex: "we shall return", "Stand your ground", etc
  • Motivation - use echos and chants here to give your allies party wide support. very helpful.


  • Earth Prayers - use this line defensively and/or offensively. your choice.
  • Wind Prayers - use this line to help your allies with heals and counter pressures of sorts. (Vow of Piety + Blessed insignia make u a 100 AL target!)


  • Max armor, duh. Runes above, and extra energy/health runes advised. Blessed insignia to help with armor
  • insightful staff of enchanting with have faith preferred.


  • MB and nuke enemies to keep up energy Quota, and help your party with support skills. its so simple even i can do it.
  • nuke when your team doesn't need extra support. BOOM!
  • support when your team doesn't need extra nukes. "ah...feels much better now"
  • go to school and get a good degree to prove to the world u aren't stupid, then pwn.

Counters(add your own counters at will)

  • Mass enchant removal, but that doesn't extremely hinder the build too much, as MB will still gain you energy.
  • Dieing
  • Yourself
  • your mom
  • Interrupts
  • a PBlock on your support skill ending up none of them can be used.
  • trying to play with greasy, sweaty hands
  • Taking too long to masturbate between c-space's.


  • If you still have extra slots with your support skills, take elemental lord, then more nukes. BOOM!


  • "This is a very versatile build nub" NO DIP Sherlock.
  • Yes, this is very similar to rits, but more efficient with more support, energy, and with an offensive twist. Kinda like offensive defense, or is that defensive offense?
  • Try to imagine an offering of the spirit that gives 30 energy back and deals 200 damage to a target, with no sac. This is like spamming MB with fire attunement and aura of resto, and even more with elemental lord.
  • This is still debatable, but this arguably has better energy management then Necro healers with Soul Reaping+signet of lost souls, because this focuses on damaging the monster for energy, instead of things dying, in which this is by far better for boss situations.
  • Definition of support(GW definition, anyways): To help or ease a specific role, making its job easier. EX: the fire support in this build can support in spikes, not rly part of it, but can add on and be a difference. another Example: This can support the monks in healing or proting, making their lives easier, while im not doing as much as them, im still making a difference.
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