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Theory-Craft Ahoy!

The rits

<pvxbig> [build prof=Rt/x Resto=12+3+1 Spawning=12+1][Ritual lord] [rejuvenation] [recovery] [recuperation] [life] [spirit to flesh] [boon of creation] [fomf][/build]

Because of Ritual Lord, your Binding rituals will be at 20 for each one. These will be the actual effects of each binding ritual

  • Rejuvenation[[Rejuvenation@20]
  • Recovery[[Recovery@20]
  • Recuperation[[Recuperation@20]
  • Life[[Life@20]

</pvxbig> <pvxbig> [build prof=Rt/x Communing=12+3+1 Spawning=12+1] [Pain] [Anguish] [disenchantment] [shadowsong] [Signet of Ghostly might] [Boon of creation] [Summon Spirits] [Fomf] [/build] </pvxbig>

<pvxbig> [build prof=rt/x Communing=12+3+1 Spawning=12+1] [Soul twisting] [Shelter] [Displacement] [Union][armor of unfeeling] [Boon of creation] [Vampirism] [summon spirits] [/build] </pvxbig>

<pvxbig> [build prof=rt/x Channeling=12+3+1 spawning=12+1] [bloodsong] [agony] [Signet of spirits] [painful bond] [destruction] [rupture soul] [boon of creation] [Fomf] [/build] </pvxbig>

The warder

<pvxbig> [Build prof=E/x Earth_magic=12+3+1 energy_storage=12+1] [elemental attunement] [earth attunement] [elemental lord] [Ward of stability] [ward of weakness] [ward against foes] [ward against melee] [ward against elements] [/build] </pvxbig>

The Supports(x3)


<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/E Smiting_Prayers=12+1 Divine_favor=12+3+1] [Glyph of lesser energy] [blessed light] [reversal of damage] [smite condition] [smite hex] [Optional] [optional] [smiters boon] [/build]

Optional optional optionals include

  • Seed of Life[[Seed of Life] (highly recommended)
  • Divine Healing[[Divine Healing@16]
  • Heaven&#039;s Delight[[Heavens Delight@16]
  • Watchful Healing[[Watchful Healing@16]
  • Divine Intervention[[Divine Intervention@16]
  • Castigation Signet[[Castigation Signet@13] (Not recommended)
  • Scourge Healing[[Scourge Healing@13] (for areas with healers)
  • Scourge Sacrifice[[Scourge Sacrifice@13] (obvious)
  • Scourge Enchantment[[Scourge Enchantment@13] (obvious)


The Vengeful spammer

You could also consider bringing a Vengeful rit This one is very broad. It can be useful, but its not quite as dependable and doesn't have the damage output that a smiter has. however it has its merits (the main one being that all you idiot noobs that jumped on the rit-wagon 3 years late can use a build outside of SoS) <pvxbig> [build prof=Rt/x resto=12+3+1 Spawning=12+1] [optional] [vengeful weapon] [optional] [optional] [optional] [Protective Was Kaolai] [Ghostly haste] [optional] [/build]

  • Optional optional one is your elite skill. It should be either Xinrae&#039;s Weapon[[Xinrae's Weapon@16] (preferred) or Weapon of Remedy[[Weapon of Remedy@16]
  • Optional optional two should be a long lasting and dependable weapon spell. For instance Resilient Weapon[[Resilient Weapon@16] and Weapon of Warding [[Weapon of Warding@16]
  • Optional optionals three and four should be some sort of spam-able and dependable heal. Good options include, but are not limited to Spirit Light[[Spirit Light@16], Mend Body and Soul[[Mend Body and Soul@16], and Spirit Transfer[[Spirit Transfer@16]. And because of the mass ammount of spirits that will be present you will never have to worry about meeting each skills individual pre-requisite for it to get full use.
  • Optional optional 4 is your rez. Flesh of my flesh[[Flesh of my Flesh@16] is preferred but Death Pact Signet[[Death Pact Signet@16] can work.

Notes Make sure you keep ghostly haste up (use an enchanters weapon) so that you can spam your elite and vengeful as much as possible. Those will be the only source of killing capability from your build so they should be your top priorities. </pvxbig>

The Aura Rit

Somewhat of a theory craft of mine. My heros are tuned for discord so I've never actually used this, But I couldn't find a build for it on Wiki so im putting it here so I can reference it later when I need to give to guildies.

<pvxbig> [build prof=rt/n Spawning=12+3+1 Death=12] [Masochism] [Aura of the lich] [Animate Bone Minions] [Death Nova] [Feast for the Dead] [Spirits Gift] [Explosive Growth] [Boon of Creation] [/build] </pvxbig>

The utility Necro

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/x Curses=12+1+1 SoulReaping=12+1] [optional] [suffering] [rigor mortis] [defile flesh] [optional] [optional] [optional] [res sig] [/build]


  • Optional optional one is your elite. options include
    • Wail of Doom[[Wail of Doom@13]
    • Pain of Disenchantment[[Pain of Disenchantment@14]
    • Lingering Curse[[Lingering Curse@14](for pressure teams)
    • Wither[[Wither@14](for pressure)
    • Soul Bind[[Soul Bind@14](use on spike target to pressure monks)
    • Depravity[[Depravity@14](for e-denial, only recommended if your on a full e-denial team)
  • Optional two should be an enchant strip of some kind. Popular choices include
    • Rip Enchantment[[Rip Enchantment@14]
    • Rend Enchantments[[Rend Enchantments@14]
  • Optional three should be an anti melee. Powerful choices include
    • Faintheartedness[[Faintheartedness@14]
    • Insidious Parasite[[Insidious Parasite@14]
    • Enfeeble[[Enfeeble@14]
  • Optional four is truely optional. Depending on your play-style you might like
    • Parasitic Bond[[Parasitic Bond@14] for a nice cover hex
    • Atrophy[[Atrophy@14] Cmon. Do I even need to explain this?
    • Plague Sending[[Plague Sending@14] Get rid of pesky conditions.
    • Signet of Lost Souls[[Signet of Lost Souls@14] if your having problems with energy.

Because of the huge demand for blocks in the current meta (skills like Guardian[[Guardian@14] and Shield Bash[[Shield Bash], Rigor mortis becomes incredibly helpful as a way to keep your warriors from yelling "MOTHER FUCKER!!!!" when their eviscerate gets blocked.

Suffering is useful as a cover hex with its wide range, Decent amount of degen and fair recharge time.

Defile flesh will top off the heal reduction on your target and make monk healing about halved if combined with deep wound. It also makes for a powerful cover hex as enemies can easily be baited into Veiling this off. </pvxbig>

The Running Monk

Uses Ranger stances and Anti-Spell to Run like you fuckin stole something from Wal*Mart.

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/R Divine=12+1+3 WildernessSurvival=12] [Blessed Aura] [Watchful Spirit] [Serpents Quickness] [I Am Unstoppable] [Spell Breaker] [Divine Intervention] [Natural Stride] [Storm Chaser] [/build] </pvxbig>

The KD smiter

<pvxbig> [build prof=Mo/A Smiting=12+1+3 DeadlyArts=12] [Augury of death] [optional] [optional] [iron palm] [stonesoul strike] [entangling asp] [holy strike] [optional] [/build]

  • optional 1 should be either
    Signet of Judgment[[Signet of Judgment@16]
    Assassin&#039;s Promise[[Assassins Promise@12]
  • Optional 2 should be a shadow step. Best options are
    Dark Prison[[Dark Prison@12] if using the AP Variant
    Death&#039;s Charge[[Deaths Charge@3] if using the the SoJ variant.


The Fragspike Duo

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/E Death=11+1+3 Blood=11+1 SoulReaping=8+1] [Barbed Signet] [Glyph Of Immolation] [Virulence] [Vile Miasma] [Rend Enchantments] [optional] [Optional] [res sig] [/build]

[Build prof=Me/x Illusion=11+1+3 Inspiration=9+1 FastCasting=9] [Fragility] [Fevered Dreams] [Accumulated Pain] [Soothing Images] [Power Drain] [Leech Signet] [Signet of humility] [res sig] [/build]

Make sure you bring a Frontliner with either Crystal Wave[[Crystal Wave] or Teinai&#039;s Crystals[[Teinai's Crystals] to sync the spike up. (requires great ammounts of communication, Practice, and Coordination) </pvxbig>

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