Hi everyone who has time enough to bother visiting my Pvx page.

Well, my page currently sucks hard time, but i'll try making it better.

"Fear Me!" Iff there is anything you'dd like to say to me, try me...
Dolyak Signet My Userpage Sucks, get on with it
Armor of Unfeeling I'm Watching You...

Spirit's Strength I have got 8 Characters, Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North and Lots Of Cash

Master of Magic My first character was an Elementalist named Bright Star Shine -Don't PM me, unless i want you to-.
Mind Burn My first Elite Skill was Mind Burn -Noobish, but hey, everyone was a noob once-.

Feast of Corruption My second character was a Necromancer named Bright Owned Ya.

Zealous Benediction My third character was a Monk named Bright Moon Shine.
Shield of Judgment I was the first one to 55hp Solo Napui Quarter in Hard Mode -Stop Copycatting Me!!!-.
Mystic Regeneration I tried it again, but it got a lot harder because of the Mystic Regeneration nerf... Way to go Izzy...

Melandru's Resilience My fourth character was a Ranger named Bright Rocks Thpk.
Escape My favorite thing to do with my Ranger was running luxon FFF.

Vow of Strength My fifth character was a Dervish named Bright Side O Death.

Decapitate My sixt character was a Warrior named My Sword in Your Ars -I know, no more Bright...-.

Aura of the Lich My seventh character was another Necromancer named Bright Perception.

Greater Conflagration I have just created a Ranger named Bright Is Da Name


Once i find out how to upload files -plz don't try to explain me in discussion page- i'll put some screens from my maxed titles on here. I know no one cares, but i'dd like a decent userpage. ^^

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