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== My Characters ==
== My Characters ==
Attia Flamesprayer (Paragon/Warrior)
{{Me}} [[User: Captain Bulldozer/Commander_Fwiffo|Commander Fwiffo]]
Commander Fwiffo (Mesmer/Necromancer)
{{W}} [[User:Captain Bulldozer/Captain_Bulldozer|Captain Bulldozer]]
Captain Bulldozer (Warrior/Paragon)
{{Rt}} [[User: Captain Bulldozer/Hero_of_the_Ori|Hero of the Ori]]
Exile of the Ori (Monk/Mesmer)
{{E}} [[User: Captain Bulldozer/Madame_Flamerunner|Madame Flamerunner]]
Hero of the Ori (Ritualist/Monk)
{{Mo}} [[User:Captain Bulldozer/Exile_of_the_Ori|Exile of the Ori]]
Lady Punkpunch (Necromancer/Mesmer)
{{r}} [[User: Captain Bulldozer/Lord_Palmerstein|Lord Palmerstein]]
Madame Flamerunner (Elementalist/Memser)
{{A}} [[User: Captain Bulldozer/The_Canthan_Blade|The Canthan Blade]]
Major Fleshwound (Dervish/Monk)
{{N}} [[User: Captain Bulldozer/Lady_Junkpunch|Lady Junkpunch]]
The Canthan Blade (Assassin/Monk)
{{P}} [[User:Captain Bulldozer/Attia_Flamesprayer|Attia Flamesprayer]]
Lord Palmerstein (Ranger/Ritualist)
{{D}} [[User: Captain Bulldozer/Major_Fleshwound|Major Fleshwound]]

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Builds I've Made

Build:Me/N Crying Hexer

Build:Team 600 - Mesmer/Smite Ooze Runner

My Characters

Mesmer-icon-small Commander Fwiffo

Warrior-icon-small Captain Bulldozer

Ritualist-icon-small Hero of the Ori

Elementalist-icon-small Madame Flamerunner

Monk-icon-small Exile of the Ori

Ranger-icon-small Lord Palmerstein

Assassin-icon-small The Canthan Blade

Necromancer-icon-small Lady Junkpunch

Paragon-icon-small Attia Flamesprayer

Dervish-icon-small Major Fleshwound

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