Builds I've Made

Build: E/Any Ether Air Spiker

Build:Me/N Crying Hexer -- So far there are complaints against this for not being just another echoing cryer build. Comon people, when will you learn that 1 skill bars are stupid. Echoing things is OP. I wish Arcane Echo and Echo were never invented.

Build: Rt/R Spirit's Spiker -- Trashed so far for using communing rather than channeling... as choice meant to increase survivability and party support over simple minded damage.

Build: Rt/Mo Consuming Resto Rit -- People don't seem to understand that this one is for much more than getting rid of enemy minions.

Build:Team 600 - Mesmer/Smite Ooze Runner -- Really a better build for CoF than it is for ooze pit. Still functional in ooze pit, but not as good as some monk options.

Build: W/P Saving Rage-agon -- Like a paragon, but on a warrior with an axe.

My Characters

Mesmer-icon-small Commander Fwiffo

Warrior-icon-small Captain Bulldozer

Ritualist-icon-small Hero of the Ori

Elementalist-icon-small Madame Flamerunner

Monk-icon-small Exile of the Ori

Ranger-icon-small Lord Palmerstein

Assassin-icon-small The Canthan Blade

Necromancer-icon-small Lady Junkpunch

Paragon-icon-small Attia Flamesprayer

Dervish-icon-small Major Fleshwound

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