Hiya, I'm Carinae. I am guild leader of the PvE guild Fifteen Over Fifty [Rare], and a three year-old Guild Wars necromancer.

Current builds - Player

Carinae Dragonblood <pvxbig> [build prof=N/Mo death=12+3+1 soulreaping=9+3 blood=3+1 healing=9][Order of Undeath][Animate Shambling Horror][Animate Bone Fiend][Blood of the Master][Karei's Healing Circle][Dark Bond][Infuse Condition][Restore Life][/build] </pvxbig> Notes:

  • This is a build for more advanced Minion Masters.
  • Requires a Bloodstained Insignia on hand or foot armor.
  • Recommended weapons are a 20/20 Death wand and an offhand with 20% HCT and 20% +1 Death Magic
  • Recommended runes are Superior Death Magic, Superior Soul Reaping and a Superior Vigor, leaving you with 380hp. This makes the sacrifices from OoU and BotM very manageable.
  • Keep Dark Bond up at ALL times. Infuse Condition is also recommended to be kept up at all times, but is less important than Dark Bond. Cover Dark Bond with Infuse in areas with enchantment removal.
  • This build provides excellent damage, short start-up times, strong self-heal, dual minion healing, strong enchantment based defense, and a renewable resurect.
  • Operates well in Hard Mode, dominates in Normal Mode.

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