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NEW Dervish Runner

<pvxbig> [build prof=Dervish/? mysticism=12+1+2 earthprayers=12+1][Dwarven Stability][Pious Haste][Mystic Regeneration][Vow of Silence][Optional][Optional][Faithful Intervention][Eternal Aura][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Weapons

+5 energy, +20% enchanting enchantment shield

  • Armor

Windwalker Insignia x5 Rune of Major Mysticism + Mysticism Hood Rune of Minor Earth Prayers Rune of Superior Vigor + Rune of Vitae x2


  • Precast (upon entering zone):
[Eternal Aura] -> [Faithful Intervention] -> [Holy Veil]
  • Running Sequence:
[Dwarven Stability]+[Pious Haste] -> [Mystic Regeneration] -> [Vow of Silence]
[Pious Haste]+[Mystic Regeneration] -> [Vow of Silence]
[Pious Haste]+[Mystic Regeneration] -> [Vow of Silence]

* repeat *
  • NOTE: Use [Vow of Silence] to shield your Precast from [Pious Haste] when you begin the Running Sequence. (i.e. cast Vow of Silence, and begin the sequence after it recharges - but before it expires!)

Optional Slots

  • ["I Am Unstoppable!"] -> prevents knockdown and cripple, +armor
  • ["Don't Trip!"] -> prevents knockdown
  • [Fleeting Stability] -> prevents knockdown
  • [Holy Veil] -> prevents enemies from hexing you during recast

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