• Assassin/Elementalist x1
  • Assassin/Dervish x3-4
  • Assassin/Necromancer x2
  • Assassin/Monk x1-2

Uses easy sinway to finish another dungeon in relitively quick times.

Silver Runner

<pvxbig> [build prof=A/E Shad=11+1+3 Earth=12 Deadly=6 Air=4][Glyph of Swiftness][Deadly Paradox][Shadow Form][Glyph of Lesser Energy][Ebon Battle Standard of Honor][Sliver Armor]["I Am Unstoppable!"][Shadow Sanctuary][/build]

  • [[Shadow Refuge@15] for shadow sanc


Scythe sin

<pvxbig> [build prof=A/D Shad=12+1+3 Deadly=3 Scythe=9+1 Critical=9+1][Deadly Paradox][Shadow Form]["I Am Unstoppable!"][Way of the Master][Great Dwarf Weapon][Critical Agility][Shadow Refuge][Feigned Neutrality][/build]

  • [[Glyph of Lesser Energy@0] for Way of the Master
  • [[Death's Charge@16] for Feigned Neutrality
  • [[Ward of Stability@9] for Feigned Neutrality, earth to 9, crit to 5+1, dag to 8+1


Hexer Sin

<pvxbig> [build prof=A/N Shad=12+1+3 Curses=9 Dagger=8+1 Deadly=0 Critical=5+1][Deadly Paradox][Shadow Form]["I Am Unstoppable!"][Mark of Pain][Barbs][Critical Agility][Shadow Refuge][Shadow Sanctuary][/build]

  • [[Order of Pain@9] Have one bring instead of MoP
  • [[Heart of Shadow@16] for Shadow Sanctuary
  • [[Death's Charge@16] for Shadow Sanctuary


Enchanter Sin

<pvxbig> [build prof=A/Mo Shad=12+1+3 Protection=9 Dagger=8+1 Critical=5+1][Deadly Paradox][Shadow Form]["I Am Unstoppable!"][Critical Agility][Shadow Sanctuary][Aegis][Protective Spirit][Shadow Refuge][/build]

  • [[Vigorous Spirit@9] instead of prot spirit
  • [[Dwayna's Sorrow@9] instead of Aegis



  • All have radient+attunment armour, with specified runes on builds
  • All have -1/1 scythes +20% ench +15% dmg while ench
  • All have +20e staff 20% ench

General Usage

  • lvl 1 perma 1 runs
  • lvl 2 perma 1 runs ~ 8 min vid
  • lvl 3 ideas BU so whole team can perma. Kill the first wurm pop up(MoP), wait for the incubus patrol in that room to move so you can pass safetly. Next you will see another group of incubus patrolling stay behind it while its patrolling. You will get close to a big incubus group and cover SF with all of your enchantments(aegies and OoP for party ench), try to get the res shrine on the left, but don't aggro all of the incubus there amke sure at least one perma gets passed pref the silver. There should be a snowball standing still, pop frostmaw spawn so he is in line with the snowball as it should kill him, wipe. For the rest of the lvl use the A/D and others as foddar with enchantments up so the silver can get passed the incubus groups. At the last group before the portal spawn silver the dervs before popping the wurms, but do not silver the elementals as they can fuel silver.
  • lvl 4 perma 1 runs ~ 5 min vid
  • lvl 5 BU so whole team can perma


  • Wurms won't scatter aslong as everyone is balled, keep the wurms balled for more dmg with MoP
  • Res Scrolls are very helpful although not needed.
  • Personal Cons are very helpful although not needed.
  • If the silver sin is having a hard time swap out one scythe weapon sin for another silver.
  • If the incubus are proving to be too hard on lvl3 take another A/Mo instead of one of the A/D, one go heal another go prot.
  • If you have room for a spare PvE skill bring LoD as there are no ghosts in the dungeon and also can speed up lvl5.
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