This build has a decent damage output of 575 damage, the majority being dealt while your target is lying helpless on the ground. The all-but-continuous knockdown sequence. Energy Management shouldn't be much of an issue, and thanks to the Blind from Ash Blast and the overall damage, healing should not come into play either.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Elementalist/Assassin airmagic=10+3+1 earthmagic=10+3 energystorage=9+1 watermagic=7+1 shadowarts=1][Shadow Walk][Frozen Burst][Lightning Touch][Gust][Ash Blast] [Obsidian Flame][Shock][Aftershock][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Superior Air Magic and Earth Magic, Minor Energy Storage, Minor Water Magic, Rune of Attunement. All Radiant armor is highly suggested.
  • Any +20 Energy staff with a 20 HSR in Air Magic will do. HCS Air Magic can be helpful as well, though avoid HCS Earth Magic at all costs, as the lengthy casting time of Obsidian Flame is utilized to keep from casting Shock prior to your opponent being back on his/her feet.


  • Find a squishy or otherwise non-tank solo target.
  • Lock-on and poof in using Death's Charge.
  • At this juncture, immediately cast Frozen Burst to cut down your target's retreat.
  • Follow up with Lightning Touch ~> Gust ~> Ash Blast ~> Obsidian Flame ~> Shock ~> Aftershock.
  • If the target isn't dead at this point, repeat the process, beginning with Frozen Burst.
  • Should you be near energy depletion due to the unlikely survival of your foe, cast Frozen Burst, then jog out of range to regen a bit.



  • Changing out the Water Hex and AoE skills can be done with ease, and shouldn't result in much loss of efficiency.


  • LAME build.
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