Well hello there.

I guess you can say that I am not much of an "idea" kind of guy. I will probably never make a build, as I can never think of anything original, and I usually ask for advice for existing builds.

But, I try.


Vash Reborn - Oh lawds. This guy was my very first. An elementalist that I have barely worked on. At the moment, he is nothing more than extra bank space and a birthday gift maker...

Teh Reapzorz - Yes, gay name. I know. Don't ask. He is my dervish, and secondary runner. He also used to be my primary farmer.

Dances With Pets - My main. A ranger with basically everything I need. I say he is my main because he is pretty much the only one I have focused on the story line with. Everyone else is a farmer/runner.

Heart Attacked - Necro. My old old old primary farmer. My very first 55 build. As of right now, he is not used as much, but I plan to change that.

Lil Nipz - My monk. My current primary runner. And secondary famer when the need arises. My xbox live GT is Lil Nipz, so I decided to just give him that one.

Toting Turtles - Currently a placeholder monk. He is my Luxon Jade Quarry defender until I can get Lil Nipz to the jade quarry, and once I do, Toting Turtles will be no more.

Death Squad Waffle - The name was an inside joke with my friend, and I have kind of forgotten what exactly that joke was... but he is my current primary farmer. An all around amazing assassin.

Sir Rofl Waffle - Again, inside joke name that I have forgotten. He was my first pvp ranger. He is my trapper that I never use any more, because I have lost the need to farm balthazar faction. But that is okay. Another bank character, I guess.

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