Character Description

Faction (Luxon) This user is a member of the Luxon alliance.

This user plays both PvE & PvP.

en-N This user is able to contribute with a native level of English.

Current Location (Tyria): Titan Quests.

Current Location (Cantha): Divine Path

Favorite Region (Tyria): Maguuma Jungle

Favorite Area (Tyria): The Falls

Favorite Region (Cantha): Echovald Forest

Favorite Area (Cantha): Pongmei Valley

Current Guild: The Gear Trick of the GEAR Alliance

In-Guild Position: Arms Master (Officer)

Faction: Luxon



Favored Builds

R/A Serpent Skirmisher (removed, I still like it!)

Unfavored Builds


Dashface Megaritz

Jade Shane

Puk the Mighty

Terrorist Toast

Sinic Core

Derrick The Nomad


  1. Capture Life Transfer
  2. Gain "Explorer of Cantha" title
  3. Gain "Protector of Cantha" title
  4. Get Luxon 1.5k armor
  5. Gain "Savior of the Luxons" title
  6. Gain "Renowned Hero" title
  7. Gain "Cartographer of Tyria" title
  8. Gain "Advanced Skill Hunter" title

My Art

myeditablesignature2pic5xy.jpg My New Signature (Gear Website only)

mysignaturepic8gv.jpg My Old Signature (Gear Website only)

siniccoresignature3zy.jpg Sinic Core's Signature

guilduserbargirl6sn.jpg Guild's Userbar

garrionmashsig4mo.jpg Garrion Marsh's Signature

craftyglasscandylog51il.jpg Crafty Glass Candy's Signature

ssecretweapon5ls.jpg Glint's Power Source (Steroids)

(They're mainly in order of newest to oldest)

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