I come to you a new man. A better man. A man of action.

Oh and by the way, using a telescoping sight, stopping power, second chance and double antitank(with tabun secondary) with an STG-44 makes a class that gets you so many kills its actually not fair. if you dont go atleast +5 you're a fucking failure or were playing seelow.

oh, and use a springfield instead of a mosin or ptrs. its 100x more pro than either of those shitter guns.

martyrdom your mp40's and remember, its a better gun than the ppsh because it has a range beyond that of 10 feet. but thats a matter of opinion. a juggernaut mp40 with martyrdom is hilariously effective although its the antithesis of getting respect.

use anti-tanks because of their dual functionality, unless you know the map and your own skill enough to be able to strong/brave cook a frag into a +40. tabun gas is ridiculously efficient at squeezing the life out of all your nades.

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