Design a Weapon (type) Contest

Yes! I'm talking about a design a weapon contest!

But not an art contest, send ideas, what new weapon type idea you have ;) (ex: Dagger, Sword.)

You can't send Sword, Scythe ... etc I mean we already have thoese types!

So first you need to make it in a new link and send it, in that link these have to be in it:

  • your weapon type
  • min-max damage (please no noobish 9999dmg and these, be correct)
  • type of damage (also can be new)
  • both hand or one handed.

OK, for requesting it, you can make an one-handed/offhand weapon "combo", you need these:


  • min-max damage
  • type of damage
  • ranged or melee


  • Shield or Focus item
  • Armor or energy gain from it

The Contest Closed, The Wnner of This Contest: Relyk

Relyk, please send your IGN on my talk page (My IGN is The Monk Daviez) , so you can receive your revard!

Leave comments on talk page!

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