Welcome to my user page.

My builds, ideas, contests and others
  • Ritu healer : My first build, that voted on PvX wiki :P
  • My idea : This is my idea for GW :) I want to send it for Anet :P
  • Monster Skill contest : My first contest, monster skill contest :)
  • Skillz : My own skillz :D

Other games that I like
  • World of Warcraft : Nice game but I don't know why peoples play with it.
  • Cabal Online : Not the worst game on the world...
  • Ikariam : Internet game :)
  • Call of Duty 4 : Best action game, I like it :P
  • Lord of The Rings: Battle For Middle Earth I/II : I like this game, so cool with elves in II. In the I I like Gondor. Gandalf FTW :D

Games that I dont like

  • MU Online : WTF! I killed only 1 (red) palyer and I cant go nowhere! LoL.
  • Silk Road Online : OK, nice game with good effects, but horrible to lvl up.

Best Game

  • Guild Wars! : The best game what I ever played, bought.
In Game Names
  • My In Game Names are:
  • The Monk Daviez
  • The Ele Daviez
  • or:
    • The X Daviez
      • For the X replace these:
        • Necro
        • Monky
        • Assassin
        • Paragony
        • Warriory
        • Rangery
        • Mesmery

If somebody know my name from AB please DO NOT leave comment on my talk page...mostly if you a luxon (Yes I know that sometimes I have a big mouth in AB...)

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Omgomgomg This user hates kiting enemies and then they say OMG.
44px This user likes Sponge Bob Square Pants.

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