"abuses of administrator power simply do not happen" -PvXwiki:Administrators

very true. this isnt a democracy, so they could plaster their penises on our pages and still not be abusing their power. abuse is nonexistent when there is no democracy.

people on this site do not follow the rules - the rules are there to give admins the OPTION of punishing someone. But many times, a user is flamed and flamed and flamed, even when they're activity on wiki is constructive and well-intentioned.

your an arrogant fuck. just because some whiskeyed-out teacher gave you an A in english doesnt make you a mensa genius, nor does it even make you a valid member of this wiki. prove with deeds, not arrogant words.

When that user tries to justify himself - or try to point out the un-productivity of flaming - he is flamed more.

because you're wrong.

This is immaturity - something common in young children but rampant on these websites. It breaks multiple rules that can be found in PvXwiki:Policy, but is generally ignored by the admins.

policy is reserved deserving of it. people care when people who have earned respect are mistreated.

Most mature intelligent people forget about interacting with other people on the site at this point - which further hinders the growth and development of the site.

your an idiot if you think that. rawr and i are currently discussing this vandalism right now =).

People who actually want to participate in the wiki, and who post things that are different from what people are used to seeing are actively and maliciously flamed, without consequence from the admins.

because you're wrong. gw is not a democracy. nor is a wiki about it.

let me ask you, can you see where this will lead? if not, i can tell you that if that person does not leave the site, then he will eventually react in kind. A good, kind-hearted person might hold out longer than others, politely asking for respect, trying to point out it's stupidity, but the people who do that rarely if ever listen to such arguments, and it usually furthers their enjoyment, getting a taste for torture, as it were.

usually good kind people are smart and understand the game and thus never have to deal with being flamed. A good kind hearted arrogant person is an oxymoron that doesn't exist. therefore, you must be arrogant, since thats the side you've portrayed.

I believe that the Wikis for Guild Wars are not of quality.

Because you're wrong.

I believe that the main reason for this is that the people who are active on it, are territorial about the website for some reason; don't want other people to change it too much, and don't tolerate people who try.


This being the case, admins often overlook the malicious action of people who "~vandalized~" with the community, while in other situations, will ban someone with in-adequate, inappropriate, and biased justifications.

i'm going to be banned for this, rawr already is, and so is misfate. rules are followed. though we'll be back on proxys as soon as i'm banned and get around to sending rawr the url.

It is doomed to stay this way forever, though, since a single, prejudiced, territorial community seems to have control over it, and will not let it change.

good. these people are highly intelligent, and you are too arrogant to realize that. i have the utmost respect for all of them.

These people will not let builds up if they are different from what they are used to seeing - without giving any regard to it's effectiveness, although they say they do.

You're another noob who validates his shitty builds by telling people who actually know how to play they are discriminate. they are not. you are wrong.

Of course, many people are like that in almost every aspect of life - it's a shame that they latched on so tightly to this website.

Just stop. go away. no one likes you. and you're too arrogant to even realize it.

I'm proud to be a member of this wiki. g. t. f. o.Dark0805sig2christmas doesnt warrant stupid sigs, people 22:39, 26 December 2007 (EST)

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