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:*[[User:Iwan13/LAME#Dark_Disenchanter| Dark Disenchanter]] by --[[User:Iwan13|Iwan13]] 22:25, 16 June 2007 (EDT)
:*[[User:Iwan13/LAME#Dark_Disenchanter| Dark Disenchanter]] by --[[User:Iwan13|Iwan13]] 22:25, 16 June 2007 (EDT)
:*[[User:BaineTheBotter/LAME Kontest|here]]-- [[User:BaineTheBotter|BaineTheBotter]] 23:46, 16 June 2007 (EDT)
:*[[User:BaineTheBotter/LAME Kontest|here]]-- [[User:BaineTheBotter|BaineTheBotter]] 23:46, 16 June 2007 (EDT)
:*[ A/W Lame Dark Striker] [[User:Ghostun|Ghostun]] 07:37, 3 July 2007 (CEST)
:*(''Your Signature and Link Here)''
:*(''Your Signature and Link Here)''
*<PvXBig>[[Wastrel's Collapse]</PvXBig>
*<PvXBig>[[Wastrel's Collapse]</PvXBig>

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Hopefully, most GuildWiki users have heard of/seen the infamous LAME tags that got posted on skill talk pages on GuildWiki. LAME, for anyone who doesn't know, was an acronym for Less Able to Make Effective. Well now's your chance to make effective (or at least relatively effective) builds revolving around elite skills that had LAME tags attached to them. Also included are a few skills from my GuildWiki build contest for which no one ever ventured a build as well as a few others. Note that there is some overlap, so I expect that people will not post duplicates of builds that they or someone else made for that contest. The same applies for skills that are associated with favored/unfavored/untested builds, do not post duplicates of existing builds!

The rules are pretty simple, any number of people may sign up for an elite. Users may submit up to three builds (for the same elite or different elites), however, only users will not receive awards for multiple builds. Builds will be judged on viability, creativity, style, and how well used your elite is in the given build. And yes, I expect that full pages will be written for these builds, which means points may be subtracted from your score if you fail to do so or if your page is poorly written. Bonus points may also be awarded on a discretionary basis if your build receives favorable comments on its talk page.

Builds may either be posted as stubs or under user space, or, alternatively, if the Build Vetting system has been implemented before this contest is judged, users may choose to submit their builds. Builds that are vetted by the community will receive bonus points, however, builds that are unfavored will not be judged, so post at your own risk. Regardless of where you post it, a link must be provided on this page. Because multiple people are free to choose the same elite, builds should be posted under the corresponding skill using **. You must also include your username.

Obviously, the elite skill you sign up for must be used in the main skill bar and no variants may be suggested to replace it because it must be an integral part of your build.

All builds will pass through an initial testing phase (Judges will be Sysops) and the top 5 (as per the rubric above) will then move into a secondary phase wherein other users may vote for their favorite of the 5. However, during the initial phase, as noted above, points may be added to the initial score as a result of favorable comments by users. During the secondary phase, each vote will increase the score of the build (again as per the rubric) by 5 points, and at the end of that phase, the build with the highest score will be the winner. Several honorable mentions may also be awarded.

(Language is a little convoluted up there. For rule/judging clarifications, leave a message on my talk-page)

Builds may be entire teams, as well as any form of PvP or PvE. Note however, that if the build is a team build, be careful to ensure that the elite plays an integral role in the team, not just an elite to fill an empty slot in an existing team.

Submissions from anonymous users will not be accepted.


The skill choices are as follows:


<PvXBig>*[[Wail of Doom]</PvXBig>

  • (Your Signature and Link Here)

<PvXBig>*[[Pain of Disenchantment]</PvXBig>

  • (Your Signature and Link Here)
  • <PvXBig>[[Cultist's Fervor]</PvXBig>


  • <PvXBig>[[Primal Rage]</PvXBig>
  • <PvXBig>[[Skull Crack]</PvXBig>
  • <PvXBig>[[Headbutt]</PvXBig>
  • <pvxbig>[[Soldier's Stance]</pvxbig>
  • (Your Signature and Link Here)


  • <PvXBig>[[Seeping Wound]</PvXBig>
  • <PvXBig>[[Dark Apostasy]</PvXBig>
  • <PvXBig>[[Wastrel's Collapse]</PvXBig>


  • <PvXBig>[[Lacerate]</PvXBig>
  • <PvXBig>[[Quicksand]</PvXBig>
  • (Your Signature and Link Here)
  • <PvXBig>[[Infuriating Heat]</PvXBig>
  • Sky 11:45, 5 June 2007 (CEST), I'll get it done
  • Enigma 17:20, 9 June 2007 (CEST) Furyway


  • <PvXBig>[[Balthazar's Pendulum]</PvXBig>
  • (Your Signature and Link Here)
  • <PvXBig>[[Amity]</PvXBig>
  • (Your Signature and Link Here)
  • <PvXBig>[[Peace and Harmony]</PvXBig>
  • <PvXBig>[[Healing Hands]</PvXBig>
  • <PvXBig>[[Unyielding Aura]</PvXBig>


  • <PvXBig>[[Stone Sheath]</PvXBig>
  • I love a challenge, gimmie a bit. - Skakid9090 03:52, 4 June 2007 (CEST) this skill is useless -_-
  • (Your Signature and Link Here)
  • <PvXBig>[[Ride the Lightning]</PvXBig>
  • <PvXBig>[[Gust]</PvXBig>
  • Your name here


  • <PvXBig>[[Grenth's Grasp]</PvXBig>
  • <PvXBig>[[Arcane Zeal]</PvXBig>
  • Bluemilkman 18:08, 4 June 2007 (CEST) When I get it done.
  • (Your Signature and Link Here)
  • <PvXBig>[[Onslaught]</PvXBig>


  • <PvXBig>[[Power Flux]</PvXBig>
  • (Your Signature and Link Here)
  • <PvXBig>[[Air of Disenchantment]</PvXBig>
  • (Your Signature and Link Here)
  • <PvXBig>[[Visions of Regret]</PvXBig>
  • Bluemilkman 18:08, 4 June 2007 (CEST) When I get it done.
  • (Your Signature and Link Here)
  • <PvXBig>[[Enchanter's Conundrum]</PvXBig>
  • <PvXBig>[[Signet of Midnight]</PvXBig>
  • (Your Signature and Link Here)
  • <PvXBig>[[Keystone Signet]</PvXBig>
  • <PvXBig>[[Tease]</PvXBig>
  • (Your Signature and Link Here)


  • <PvXBig>[[Defiant Was Xinrae]</PvXBig>
  • (Your Signature and Link Here)
  • <PvXBig>[[Weapon of Quickening]</PvXBig>
  • (Your Signature and Link Here)
  • <PvXBig>[[Spirit Channeling]</PvXBig>


  • <PvXBig>[[Anthem of Guidance]</PvXBig>
  • (Your Signature and Link Here)
  • <PvXBig>[["The Power Is Yours!"]</PvXBig>
  • <PvXBig>[[Defensive Anthem]</PvXBig>
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