Though I can still be contacted via email, I will not be active here except to check my watchlist now and again.
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About Me
Yada Yada This user talks too much.
Elitists Anonymous My name is Defiant Elements and I have a problem.
Copyleft This user's contributions are also released under the GFDL.

  • I'm an Administrator and a Bureaucrat as well as a contributor on PvXWiki.
  • Reasons to contact me:
    • General Questions/Clarifications
    • Mediation
    • Issues requiring Sysop attention (i.e. page deletion, policy questions, banning, vote removal, page protection)
    • Issues requiring Bureaucrat attention (i.e. RfAs, Bot privileges, "No Confidence" votes)
  • While I have submitted a number of builds and was heavily involved in the vetting process on GuildWiki's build namespace, and while I will continue to remain involved to a degree, my focus on PvX is policy related and managerial. Do note however that when I do submit a build, while I want it to succeed, I normally care more about innovation than about making a build that's gonna get into the "Great" category.
  • Try my Word of the Day by adding {{Template:User:Defiant Elements/Word of the Day}} to your user page.
  • Join Elitists Anonymous by adding this template to your user page.
  • Other "Of the Day"s may be found here.
  • For my convenience: Special:UserRatings
  • For anyone currently using IE, I would advise them to peruse the information contained in this link: Internet Explorer Sucks
  • If you get into a dispute with me, keep these two things in mind:
  1. I am always right.
  2. If you suspect me of being wrong, refer to point #1 :P
Contact Information
Server: Channel: #gww
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"Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery"

Some ideas/code used on this page originated from these pages:

  • Layout and coding stolen from Barek, and he got inspiration from:
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