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Name: Rob Z

Age: 26

Location: Wyoming, USA

Campaigns: Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall

Play style: PvE, Social, AB

Guild: Officer of The Coven

I'm a very casual Guild Wars player, but lately I have been playing every hour of every day really. I got Guild Wars from my friend Diamon, but he hasn't been playing lately, so I consider myself a pro compared to him now. I sort of liked this game when I first started, but I was really lost because of it being my first American made MMORPG. I had played quite a few Korean made MMORPG's but they are really diffrent to play. I started playing as a Necromancer on the game Diamon gave me, Prophecies, not knowing that it was called Prophecies at the time, I just thought it was Guild Wars. Diamon and I both got Nightfall the sae day, he already had Factions had been playing that a lot, but I learned about what the Heroes were and I really wanted to have them.

Since I started with the Prophecies Necromancer, I have tried every kind of profession there is, and I have mostly deleted them all. I definately am a Dervish at heart, I am most proficient with that and I love the idea of them. I've deleted and made new characters more times than I can count, mainly because I basically just threw myself into the game and had no idea what was *truly* going on. Plus, I really had no clue about the core of the game. I do enjoy playing both campaigns that I own, but I REALLY want Factions so I can try it out.

Most of the time, I find myself playing with my heroes. I think I do that because I generally do not like people and they are greedy. I have been a member of 3 guilds now, and my current one, The Coven, is a perfect fit for me. I'm hoping to pick up a copy of Eye of the North, but with staying at home with my son and not working, it might not happen for a long time, if at all. I'm sure eventually I will have all the campaigns, but time will tell.

UPDATE: I bought myself Factions a week ago from today and have been slowly playing it.

This is my AB build I made Nightmare Pain

I have beaten Prophecies and Nightfall with my main character Devi The Dark, my dervish. I am trying to get most of the titles available done, but who knows if I can ever complete them.

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March 2020
09:14 UTC
(02:14 MST)


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    • Description: This is a software by Aylee Sedai posted on Guild Wars Guru. I found it very usefull. It contains the list of all Elites, Collectors, Greens, and Treasures. You also can keep track of what Elites you have capped so far. And Thank you, Aylee Sedai for this software. It is very awesome :)

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