Name Category PvP / PvE Build
W/E Shock Axe fArchived bPvP
Rt/Mo 330hp Vengeful Spirit Bonder aGreat cPvE
Me/N PoD Mesmer dTesting bPvP
R/D Expert Scythe cOther aPvP / PvE
Mo/R Manly Boonprot gTrash bPvP
P/any Angelic Bonder eTrial aPvP / PvE
Any/A Generic SF Runner bGood cPvE

How to use?

  | name = W/E Shock Axe
  | category = archived
  | pvx = pvp
  | Eviscerate|Body Blow|Disrupting Chop|Shock|Bull's Strike|Frenzy|Rush|Resurrection Signet|<pvxbig>[build prof=warri/eleme axemas=12+1+1 streng=12+1 airmag=3][eviscerate][body blow][disrupting chop][shock][bulls strike][frenzy][rush][Resurrection Signet][/build]</pvxbig>
  | name = Rt/Mo 330hp Vengeful Spirit Bonder
  | category = great
  | pvx = pve
  | Vengeful Was Khanhei|Vengeful Weapon|Protective Spirit|Spirit Bond|Reversal of Damage|Retribution|Essence Bond|Balthazar's Spirit|<pvxbig>[build name="330hp Vengeful Spirit Bonder" prof=ritua/monk restor=12+1+3 protec=10 smitin=8 spawni=2+3][vengeful was khanhei][vengeful weapon][protective spirit][spirit bond][reversal of damage][retribution][essence bond][balthazar's spirit][/build]</pvxbig>


  • name: name of the build, without the Build: prefix
  • category: which category the build is currently in
    • The following categories can be used, they are also sorted in this order
      1. great
      2. good
      3. other
      4. testing
      5. trial
      6. archived
      7. trash
  • pvx: type of the build
    • The following types can be used, they are also sorted in this order
      1. pvx: PvE / PvP
      2. pvp
      3. pve
  • 8 out of the 9 non named parameters are for the mini skill bar slots, the ninth is for the one with <pvxbig> code
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