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My name is Tony and I am currently a fourth year college student studying in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. I am also the former Guild Leader of the Burning Dragons of Tyria [DRGN] and am a current Officer in Draconus Reincarnatus [DRGN]. I've been playing Guild Wars since January of 2006 and have all 3 Campaigns as well as the Eye of the North Expansion. I love to make money! I like to farm, but I get bored of things really fast so I am constantly doing random things. I also enjoy some PvP now and then, but I would consider myself as more of a PvEer. I absolutely love my Heroes. I can always depend on them and they are definitely more reliable than most of the random players I've partied with. With my Heroes by my side, we are a forced to be reckoned with! I've been a DRGN for almost as long as I've been playing Guild Wars and I love my guild and everyone in it because they are so sexah!

Feel free to ask me any questions about the guild or for an invite. Everyone is welcome so don't be shy! Hope to see you in-game :)

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