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My Vetted Builds :

Great Green thumbs up Green thumbs up

HA Endurance Pressure Archived... fucking nerfs.

Boon Signet Prot Deleted due to inferiority outside of rawrspike.

W/E Whirling Axe Not my build originally, but I changed the bar up some, and submitted it for re-voting.

Frag VS Farm

Omegaspike HA Not my build originally, but I fixed the terrible bars to something much better. Archived due to nerfs.

HA Backbreaker Exact copy of what I put up.

Me/Rt HA AoD Hero

TA Korean Way

TA Escape Daggers

Good Green thumbs up

RtL Fame Farm

E/any Double Dragon HA

TA Dual War

My Builds Awaiting To Be Vetted :

Testing Messagebox info

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