Hi I used to do many droks runs where my name come from but I play a lot of RA which is really my area of expertise.


This is not me:

It is a immature trolling idiot trying to dirty my good name.

He is nothing like me some of his stupid edits:

  • he vandals peoples talk page with "ur baed" this i would never do and he says it to people i dont even know and spells bad how the immature people on this wiki do it
  • he puts on talk page of skills that its bad like diversion and distracting shot when these are some of the best skills there are or says deep wound is useless I already said on this wiki the opposite of that and use them in my builds
  • he puts on talk page of things like mending that its the best skill when its one of the worst

My builds

My friends

Visit there pages



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