Hi all!

Although it's quite a long time i'm in "read-only" mode here on pvxwiki, i'm new to the "edit" part of it. As i don't know what to do atm, apart from tryin' to kick some kurzick asses in Fort Aspenwood with my mate, i've decided to create my own page. Its uses will be clarified (to me, too) in the future, i hope...

By the way, this is the build i currently run in FA with my ritualist:

<pvxbig> [build prof=Ritualist/Any Restoration=12+1+1 Channeling=10+1 SpawningPower=8+1][Soothing Memories][mend body and soul][wielder's boon][weapon of warding][protective was kaolai][life][weapon of shadow][offering of spirit][/build] </pvxbig>

I think this build does its job pretty well... Beside the simple target healing, pwk and life guarantee large amounts of party heal, which i consider very useful when luxons are gathered in front of the green gate. Life also heals npcs... Weapon of shadow is extremely useful in FA, as it often happens to find warriors, assassins, paragons or dervishes with no self-condition removal skills or monks doing that kind of job. Oos is just my favourite (guess why? x]) energy management skill of the ritualist profession. It is really worth the 10+1 attribute pts in the channeling magic line. The build lacks of a hex removal skill and of an ims. That's the reason why the secondary profession may be changed to monk (remove hex / holy veil) or assassin (dash), removing weapon of shadow from the original build.


Brief description of my current pve characters. I'm sure it will clarify the way i like to play gw...

Treeshade Nastenka Ranger-tango-icon-20

Possibly the class i love most, the ranger is also the first class i played gw with. Nothing more to say, it's a wonderful profession.

Wine Spirit Ritualist-tango-icon-20

I think the ritualist can do lots of useful jobs in a team. It can heal, it can support damage, in a team. I think the ritualist is one of the most powerful classes if it knows the team it's going to play in. If not, a ritualist may suck bad.

Kurshskaja Kosa Mesmer-tango-icon-20

I always liked the mesmer. Maybe because i prefer preventing damage or heal from enemies rather then damage or heal by myself. But i never knew what a mesmer can really do until i've stared playing gvg. And when i played my gvgs (250, more or less) vod was still there, and balanced was a kind of religion...

Proud To Be Loud Paragon-tango-icon-20

My poor para can no more be considered a pve character, since its spears / shields / supreme runes of vigor are scattered around my other chars. That's mainly due to the para nerfs and buffs. Because the buffs anet recently made are, in the case of the paragon profession, nerfs. Or, at least, worthless buffs.

Vow Of Temperance Dervish-tango-icon-20

I was wondering how a melee profession worked. So i picked up the dervish, 'cause it attracted me more then the big, bad wammo or the small, quick assa. I'm not using it much, to be honest, but i think i've done the right choice.

One or Two Random Considerations...

• RA

I think ra are broken. I think the randomness of ra should came after a non-random profession check. Professions should be splitted into three groups: "Frontliners" (Warriors, Assassins, Dervishes, Paragons, Rangers), "Midliners" (Rangers, Mesmers, Necromancers, Elementalists, Paragons, Ritualists) and "Backliners" (Monks, Ritualists). Before the big anet computer chooses 4 random characters and puts them in a team, the big anet computer should check the presence of 1 frontliner, 2 midliners and 1 backliner in the ra districts scattered around the world. The big anet computer then chooses 1 frontliner, 2 midliners and 1 backliner and puts them in a team.

In this case the randomness is about which frontline, midline and backline professions will be grouped up. A team composed of a warrior, a ranger, a paragon and a monk is way different from a team composed of an assassin, a mesmer, a necro and a monk. But the battle between the two team will result in an (almost) perfectly balanced fight. This will make ras more enjoable, imo.

Apart from the "mechanical" aspect of the thing, i just wanted to point out that randomly assigning a team 2 monks and randomly assigning no monks a team results in an imbalanced fight, that's obvious. My thougth here is that random arenas should be just a little bit less random then they are nowadays.

• Paragons

Paragons, poor paragons. I think the best way to understand whether paragons suck or not is to understand what they were made for. Paragons were given the role of a support class, with chants, shouts, echoes and refrains to buff the entire team or even allies (on a much wider scale then the ritualist, whose buffs concentrate on a single target). But this conception led to very risky situations... What about an entire team of paragons, attacking 33% faster, buffed each other with powerful shouts and chants? They may be quite unbalanced. So, what to do about it? Let the Sundering Nerf Axe Of Fortitude (q9) fall upon their heads. I think paragons skills are a very interesting collection of epic-to-catastrophic failures. Let's see some...

• "Help Me!" Shout. (1...8...10 seconds.) Other allies' spells targeting you cast 50% faster. 5 Energy 15 Recharge time

This is basically a skill intended to let your monk cast healing spells on you faster. But how many situations a 3/8 seconds casting time word of healing is necessary to save your life, and the normal 3/4 seconds cannot?

• "Incoming!" Elite Shout. (4...9...10 seconds) Allies in earshot move 33% faster and gain 5...13...15 Health while moving. 10 Energy 25 Recharge time

I must be dumb, but i cannot see any difference between this elite shout and "fall back!"... Mmm... No, wait, "Incoming!" does not end on attack! Woah, that's really worth the elite status!

• Crippling Anthem Elite Chant. (10 seconds.) Allies in earshot inflict Crippled condition (5...13...15 seconds) with their next attack skill. 4 Adrenaline 1 Activation time

What an attack skill is? Here it is... [1]. So, has this elite skill any use? Warriors have Cripslah, Assassins have Palm Strike (and others), Rangers have plenty crippling skills, Dervishes have Crippling Sweep and Grenth's Grasp, how on earth this skills earned its elite status??

• Soldier's Fury Elite Echo. (10...30...35 seconds.) You attack 33% faster and gain 33% more adrenaline if under the effects of a shout or chant. 5 Energy 1 Activation time 5 Recharge time

Wow, 33% ias and 33% more adrenaline gain, all in one, maintainable skill. But, wait, i must be under a shout or a chant. I am forced to find out the least useful shouts (the more useful usually ends on attack / skill activation) like... mmm... "Can't Touch This!". To rely on other skills or teammates to let a skill do its job is bad, mostly if this skills simply does nothing when you are not under requirements...

• "It's just a flesh wound." Elite Shout. Remove all conditions from target ally. That ally moves 25% faster (1...8...10 second(s)) if a condition was removed. Cannot self-target. 5 Energy 2 Recharge time

Oh yes! That's what a paragon was made for! For a less effective version of RC! Too bad this skill cannot substitute rc, so, rc is needed, so this skill is useless if played with an rc, but in a high-end pvp rc is needed, so... Bzzz - logical error - bzzz. The really bad thing is that even in low-end pvp this skill sucks, honestly...

• Wild Throw Spear Attack. Deals +5...17...20 damage. Unblockable. Ends target's stance. 7 Adrenaline

Finally a useful skill. Not at all, tbh. The + damage, unblockability and the target's stance ending are quite powerful, but what about "Wild Blow" or "Wild Strike"? They exactly do the same thing, but require energy (and a lead attack for wild strike). They are almost ready-to-use stance removal, unblockable attacks. Powerful, against those Mo/W, nowadays. But where should i make up 7 adrenaline to strip off that damned defensive stance? On another target, i'll be answered. Oh yes, and by the time i've built the required adrenaline, the target that has the stance i want to remove will be at full life or dead. Yippie.

Those are a few examples. Sure, there are paragons skills undoubtedly useful, almost overpowered, but there are also other skills that are completely trash. And the primary attribute, Leadership, is such an irritating thing. In 8vs8 pvp settings leadership provides enough energy for a paragon to use effectively its skillbar, but in the arenas, or in abs and cms, the two pips or energy regen hurts a lot. And you can't spend your time chasing your teammates around the map to have them within earshot. I think paragons don't need buffs to their skills. I think paragons need an almost complete reworking of the profession. They simply cannot achieve, atm, what they were made for. A pve paragon can hardly not use the Imbagon skillbar (and, strangely, the imbagon is so powerful mainly thanks to 2 pve-only skills...), and pvp ones have either damage-only builds (spear attack, spear attack, spear attack, shout, chant, spear attack and so on) or defensive anthem plus chest thumper skillbar from the glass arrow ha spike. I've tried a couple of gvgs with a da paragon and, tbh, it really did not add anything more then the profession you excluded from the team. It was just a luck if a ranger or a mesmer did not interrupt the 2 second casting time defensive anthem (it ends on hits, lol tell me why, gw God, whyyy...). My thougth here is that paragons simply don't work as they are now, they need to be reworked in order to let 'em do the dirty job they are intended to do. Reworked or removed, one of these...

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